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PLENTICORE plus remains in the range. The number of PLENTICOINS required for the battery activation code is also being permanently reduced.

KOSTAL is reducing the number of PLENTICOINs required for the battery activation code for the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter (G1/G2)

PLENTICORE plus with battery: it’s never been so advantageous

Two pieces of good news at the same time for the PLENTICORE plus: the successful hybrid inverter is remaining in the range and KOSTAL is reducing from 3 to 1 the number of PLENTICOINs required for the battery activation code for the PLENTICORE plus inverter (G1/G2).

A clever combination: as part of the "Strong Start" campaign, one PLENTICOIN will be credited back to the company account for installers for every battery activation until 30 September 2024.

Simple, fair and transparent: the KOSTAL PLENTICOIN

The PLENTICOIN is KOSTAL's single-purpose voucher for functional upgrades. True to the KOSTAL motto "Only pay for what you need, when you need it", PLENTICOINs can be redeemed for things such as the battery activation code for the PLENTICORE plus.

The battery activation code turns the PLENTICORE plus into a hybrid inverter, meaning that suitable battery storage systems can be connected to store self-generated solar power. This is what makes KOSTAL's German-made inverter so popular.

The PLENTICORE plus G2 also has four digital outputs to allow you to extend the PV system with maximum flexibility. WLAN, two LAN interfaces and the central device display round off the features of the KOSTAL inverter. Thanks to AutoUpdate, the PLENTICORE plus G2 always has the very latest technology – automatically and free of charge.

Great flexibility in battery storage selection

The PLENTICORE inverter is compatible with numerous battery storage systems from well-known manufacturers. KOSTAL customers can therefore choose the storage partner that best suits their needs from the wide range available. Whether wall or floor mounting, storage capacity or technology – KOSTAL always has the right solution.

The high efficiency of the KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverter when combined with a battery has been independently tested for years as part of the System Performance Index at HTW Berlin. Since 2018, KOSTAL has regularly occupied one of the top spots.

KOSTAL tip: the "virtual battery" function

Is it worth buying a battery storage system? The "virtual battery" function can quickly answer this question. The KOSTAL Solar App is the ideal tool for simulating the potential of a battery storage system as a supplement to the PV system.

This makes it easy for customers to select a suitable battery type with the appropriate power level and, based on this and taking into account electricity yield and consumption, quickly determine how they can increase self-consumption and reduce electricity costs. The KOSTAL Solar App and a KOSTAL Energy Meter are required for the virtual battery function.

In combination with a connected battery storage system, the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus inverter is the right choice for generating and storing self-generated solar power.