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KOSTAL PLENTICORE: a strong brand across the generations

KOSTAL has exactly the right solution for the transitional phase between generations of its successful PLENTICORE model.

This year, KOSTAL will be expanding the power range to up to 20 kW with the third generation of its activatable hybrid inverters. And with the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter, KOSTAL is still offering a genuine and reliable all-rounder. This is how KOSTAL manages a successful transition.

Start of PLENTICORE production  

KOSTAL will be launching the third generation of its successful PLENTICORE inverter at the beginning of this year. From end of April onwards, the PLENTICORE G3 will be delivered to affiliated KOSTAL wholesalers and initial stocking will take place.

KOSTAL is starting delivery with the most powerful PLENTICORE L series (15 to 20 kW). The PLENTICORE M (8.5 to 12 kW output) and PLENTICORE S (4 to 7 kW output) models will be delivered to wholesalers in June and July.

Until the production capacities for the third PLENTICORE generation are fully utilised and the relevant quantities are available on the market, the PLENTICORE plus G2 series will be commercially available for the entire transitional phase – and beyond.

With PLENTICORE plus, KOSTAL is now offering the right solution

With KOSTAL's comprehensive solution, consisting of an inverter, energy meter and a large selection of compatible battery storage systems, customers are now ideally equipped for current and future market requirements.

That's because the PLENTICORE plus from KOSTAL enables customers to individually plan their solar systems and gives them the flexibility to expand them, for example to connect additional electricity consumers. Customers can use the solar power generated to charge their own electric car, to support their heat pump or to heat water with a controllable heating element.

This makes the PLENTICORE plus the ideal inverter for current and future market requirements. To put it simply: it's always the right solution.

Fully equipped ex works: PLENTICORE plus – the digital all-rounder

With two LAN and one WLAN interface, a device display and four controllable digital outputs, the second-generation KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is a genuine, perfectly equipped digital all-rounder.

With the ENECTOR wallbox and Smart Energy Meters, KOSTAL is offering perfectly coordinated options for expansion with rapid response times and accurate control for ideal utilisation.

This means that the best solution can be found for every area of application – always adapted to the actual installation conditions and customer requirements.

In terms of functionality, integration and ease of use, the PLENTICORE plus represents a genuine original for customers and is available in stores right now. The best news is that the PLENTICORE plus is already equipped for future requirements, such as external controllability for tapping into variable electricity tariffs.

Turn 1 into 3: PLENTICORE plus with the "battery" activation code

Whether planning a new installation or retrofitting, with the KOSTAL complete solution, customers can also individually expand their PV system at a later date, for example by adding a battery storage system.

This is why it is so easy to install, commission and expand PV systems with the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus inverter.

As the PLENTICORE plus can be flexibly expanded using activation codes, customers only use the functions they really need.

Real future-proofing with the PLENTICORE plus and the "battery" activation code – also allowing retrofitting at a later date.

KOSTAL and PLENTICORE plus: system planning has never been so easy

The PLENTICORE plus offers all the advantages of a modular installation. This means that customer requirements and PV systems can be individually planned and realised. And with KOSTAL products comprising inverters, wallboxes and energy meters, customers can choose the best system for their individual requirements - all from one supplier.

With KOSTAL and the PLENTICORE plus, you will find the specialised individual solution for your area of application, but also for the perfect PV system solution.

PLENTICORE plus: the right decision now

As a KOSTAL customer, you benefit from a large network of specialised and professional partners. For example, choose the partner that best suits you and your business model from a range of battery storage systems and heat pumps.

The KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is the ideal business partner – flexible to use and combine.