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PLENTICORE plus – the second generation is coming!

The new generation of the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter from KOSTAL impresses users with additional features for performance, communication and simplified use.

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter remains true to itself as an all-rounder: it is reliable, smart and easy to use. The PLENTICORE plus combines strong performance, high efficiency and smart management – and has done so since its market launch. The PLENTICORE plus thinks and grows with you and adapts to your needs at any time. In its second generation, the PLENTICORE plus with WLAN is extremely smart and particularly flexible with four digital switched outputs.

A leading contender since market launch

The PLENTICORE plus has 3 DC inputs with a wide input voltage range. The third input can be enabled for connecting a compatible battery if required. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect additional AC sources, such as further PV inverters, a small wind turbine or a combined heat and power unit. The energy manager implemented in the inverter coordinates the power available from PV, battery, the energy supply company’s grid and AC sources present in the house grid.

The PLENTICORE plus has a self-learning and integrated shadow management system for maximum yields. The inverter also has an integrated data logger and continuously transmits yield data to the KOSTAL Solar Portal. The data can be visualised perfectly in the portal and with the KOSTAL Solar App. All collected data can be accessed in the free KOSTAL Solar Portal and the connected KOSTAL Solar App. So the hybrid inverter has been making full use of all its various functions since market launch.

The second generation is coming

Innovation has always been an important part of KOSTAL’s DNA. For this reason, KOSTAL is always optimising the functionality of all its products and integrating further outstanding performance features. In the second generation, the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter proves to be a real expert in communication. With integrated WLAN, KOSTAL’s original inverter now simplifies initial commissioning and monitoring.

Two LAN interfaces allow several inverters to be networked in series as a "daisy chain". This makes integration of inverters and components into the plant owner's network a simple process, saving time and effort during initial installation or later expansion of the PV system. In this way, larger solar power capacities and higher consumption can be integrated - for more self-consumption and a higher degree of self-sufficiency.

Further functions now built-in

The new PLENTICORE plus in its second generation also has three additional switched outputs for load control. A total of four digital 24-volt outputs are now available – for more functions and a wider range of applications for your inverter, e.g. for activating additional sources of consumption such as a heat pump, air conditioners or charging stations. A new monitoring input enables the external overvoltage protection to be monitored. With integrated WLAN, web-based initial commissioning is possible via smartphone or tablet. This means that initial commissioning and parameterisation during operation are simplified and can be controlled intuitively. 

With the new PLENTICORE plus in its second generation, you get a multifunctional inverter all-rounder that always fits the bill. The second generation of the PLENTICORE plus is impressive: more yield, more efficiency and less effort.