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KOSTAL – the partner for sustainable growth

KOSTAL Solar Electric is presenting numerous product innovations at the leading trade fair Intersolar and responding to a growing market segment by significantly expanding its production capacity.

  • KOSTAL will quadruple its production capacity for hybrid inverters by 2025 and is supporting the energy transition as well as its partners in growing further in the attractive rooftop systems segment.
  • Two additional development laboratories will ensure future technological innovations.
  • A new 250 kW test field is being started up for inverters, storage systems and generators.
  • The company is expanding its Europe-wide sales and service footprint to give customers even greater convenience.
  • KOSTAL is focusing its efforts on the new market segment "Residential Plus".

KOSTAL responds to growing demands

KOSTAL is expanding its production capacity by 2025

KOSTAL Solar Electric is presenting the innovative additions to its product portfolio at this year's Intersolar Europe from 11 to 13 May 2022 at booth B3.130, along with a number of intelligent innovations for its products.

In this way, KOSTAL is responding to the growing demands of the market and fulfilling them with strong capacity expansions in the area of solar and charging technology.

Its capacity for hybrid inverters has already been expanded by 50 % compared to the previous year. Unfortunately, ongoing supply difficulties for electronic components do not currently allow this new capacity to be fully utilised. 

However, despite the current supply bottlenecks, production capacity is to be successively expanded even more over the next three years. In this way, KOSTAL is laying the foundation for quadrupling its own capacity utilisation by 2025 compared to the production year 2021.

To support sustainable growth, this project will be accompanied by further measures. Two new laboratories, established in 2021 and 2022, will secure development and testing procedures. A new test field will be dedicated solely to inverters, storage systems and generators to test the model generations that will be introduced as a result of growing power requirements. At the same time, KOSTAL is expanding its international sales and service footprint to anchor its innovative products in the European market.

"The availability of electronic components will continue to be limited in 2022, and probably also in 2023," says Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric. "This means that it is uncertain whether production capacity will be fully utilised next year. With the ongoing expansion of capacity, we remain highly responsive and can react quickly to a changing supply situation." 

Until then, KOSTAL will remain true to itself and continue to supply innovative power electronics for all customers who require a high level of flexibility and expandability. This is because the intensified production expansion will be accompanied by the market launch of the new hybrid unit generation next year with an output of up to 20 kW. "In this way, we are supporting the trend of ever larger PV systems with storage connection in the residential customer segment: we call this new market segment 'Residential Plus'," adds Frank Henn.