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KOSTAL Solar Portal: Online. Anytime. Worldwide.

All PV system data available at a glance with the KOSTAL Solar Portal. Optimum protection against loss of yield

A comprehensive monitoring solution with the KOSTAL Solar Portal

With the KOSTAL Solar Portal, owners of photovoltaic systems receive a comprehensive monitoring solution that gives them an overview of all their system's data and also perfectly safeguards them against loss of yield. KOSTAL's Solar Portal not only displays a wide range of information such as yield data, DC single string output and system performance in a graphical format, but also includes various functions that help to make optimal use of the solar power that has been generated.

The PV system at a glance at any time

As an online-based solution, you can use the portal via the Internet at any time and from all over the world, allowing you to access your system data from anywhere.

Helping to increase self-consumption and encouraging people to save energy resources

The KOSTAL Solar Portal visualises the solar energy production and the entire home consumption. Thanks to the detailed resolution, users can immediately see at which times of the day they can continue to increase the amount of solar power they use for self-consumption. For example, the washing machine or dishwasher can be switched on at times when a lot of energy is generated.
In this way, the portal also encourages people to save energy resources as the monitoring makes the system operator sensitive to their energy use and they can adapt their behaviour accordingly.

Active protection against yield loss

Thanks to KOSTAL's Solar Portal, operators always can always keep an eye on their system data. However, it's not necessary to check the portal every minute to see whether the solar system is working properly.

If there's an issue, e.g. due to an error or inverter malfunction, the system operator automatically receives a notification via e-mail. In this way, malfunctions are detected at an early stage and the operator is actively protected against yield loss.

Enhanced service and support options

Registering the PV inverter on the KOSTAL Solar Portal also has advantages when the system needs to be serviced: KOSTAL Solar Electric's qualified support team can access the inverter data on the portal and analyse the system data.

This increases the likelihood of finding the potential fault faster and of correcting it or offering a solution.

Presentation of the dynamic active power control

If the user has not selected a specified active power control (e.g. 70 %) at the grid connection point and has installed a ripple control receiver, they can use the KOSTAL Solar Portal to tell the grid operator about a potential reduction.

This means that the limitation is visible and the system operator knows that there's no system error.

Integrating several inverters for the KOSTAL Solar Portal and App

The KOSTAL Solar Portal can also be used for PV systems with multiple inverters and, thanks to the multilingual menu, it can be used internationally.

The Solar Portal is also the building block for connecting the PV inverters to the KOSTAL Solar App. Thanks to the app, relevant data can be displayed simply and clearly and is available on the smartphone or tablet at any time.

How do I gain access to the KOSTAL Solar Portal?

Registering on the KOSTAL Solar Portal is free of charge via the dedicated KOSTAL Solar Electric web page www.kostal-solar-portal.com.

To set up the portal, you need to confirm in advance that the data can be transferred from the inverter to the Solar Portal. You can do this directly via the display
on the KOSTAL inverter or via the inverter's user interface (Webserver). Simply check the box 'Solar Portal“ and the information is sent to the monitoring solution.

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