PLENTICORE plus with storage

PLENTICORE plus from KOSTAL: for using solar power efficiently

The PLENTICORE plus converts solar energy into household electricity, stores it and then efficiently distributes it: it forms the heart of every system.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus: the most efficient hybrid inverter is suitable for every application

PLENTICORE plus: the name says it all. The three-phase hybrid inverter is always the right choice thanks to its various fields of application, be it for power generation with up to 3 MPP trackers or for additional storage of the self-generated energy.

It's not only possible to store solar power, but also the energy generated by a CHP. The battery can be connected immediately during installation or simply retrofitted later.

PLENTICORE plus. The original just got even better

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter remains true to itself as an all-rounder: it is reliable, smart and easy to use.

Now in its second generation, the PLENTICORE plus is super smart: with integrated WLAN, KOSTAL’s original inverter now simplifies initial commissioning and monitoring. Two LAN interfaces allow several inverters to be networked in series as a "daisy chain".

The new second generation of the PLENTICORE plus now has four digital outputs – for more functions and a wider range of applications, e.g. for activating additional sources of consumption such as a heat pump, air conditioner or charging stations.

KOSTAL AutoUpdate: simple, safe and convenient

Thanks to its AutoUpdate function, your PLENTICORE inverter is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Once activated and set up, the inverters install each new software update fully automatically – so every functional enhancement, error rectification, compatibility and performance optimisation is always up to date.

All KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverters are supplied in the basic “manual software update” setting. If you want automatic updates, you must actively select this function on the inverter. Click here to discover how this works.

Watch the video tutorial.

Benefits for you

Save on electricity costs

Low system costs

Protect the environment


Save money on acquisition costs with the PLENTICORE plus

In combination with the BYD battery box, PLENTICORE plus achieved top marks for system efficiency among PV storage systems in several performance classes. This was tested several times during the independent electricity storage inspection by HTW Berlin. Or proven.

Furthermore, as a hybrid inverter, the PLENTICORE plus offers optimum acquisition costs. Unlike with pure battery inverters, no additional devices are required because PLENTICORE plus takes over the energy management of the PV system and the battery at the same time. This means that acquisition costs can be reduced effectively.

KOSTAL inverters: perfectly equipped for the new generation of 400W modules

The PLENTICORE plus in the power classes 3-10 kW runs as a pure solar inverter or, by connecting a battery storage system, as a hybrid. The PLENTICORE plus has three DC inputs with a maximum input current of 13 amps each.

10 to 16 modules (and more) of the new generation of 400W modules can therefore be interconnected with the PLENTICORE plus.

The PLENTICORE plus is compatible with the new generation of 400W solar modules from many manufacturers, including Axitec, JA Solar, Luxor, Solar Fabrik, Suntech, Trina and many more.

Combining an inverter and heat pump

Heat pumps are ideal consumers because they allow load shifting. This means that the consumption of available energy can be precisely timed. This is a great advantage, especially when providing hot water. If the PV system also has excess energy, this can be used for a switch-on recommendation or to raise the setpoint temperature. In addition to water heating, the building can also be heated with the greatest possible proportion of solar power, particularly during the transitional periods in spring and autumn. In combination with the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus G2 inverter, this is an optimal choice on the road to self-sufficiency.

Advantage of the KOSTAL and Solvis system

The heat pump uses the surplus power that would otherwise be fed into the public grid. The heat pump controller retrieves information about the excess power via the network and ensures that no more than the available power is ever consumed by the HP. This is a clear advantage over the SG Ready interface, where only imprecise control is possible. In combination with SG Ready, the HP may even draw power from the grid. Therefore, more electricity is saved with network-based control.

The SolvisControl 3 (SC-3 for short) is the central controller of the Solvis hybrid heating systems. It can be used to operate various heat generators, such as the heat pump, thermal solar systems, conventional heat generators, a pellet heating system, PV2Heat systems and/or an external heat generator.

Moving towards the energy revolution with KOSTAL and Brunner

Thanks to its network interface and Modbus TCP support, it is easy for the PLENTICORE plus inverter and the Brunner Smart Home Module to communicate directly. Alternatively, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter can also be used, e.g. if there are several inverters installed in one system.

The Brunner heat pump tracks the charging process of the batteries and, depending on the setting, only uses the surpluses that would otherwise be fed into the utility grid after charging the battery. The surplus PV yields are converted into heating energy using a Brunner BWP 4/14 green or BWP 3/13 heat pump. The battery storage cannot be unintentionally discharged by the heat pump, as the BSH control immediately detects a withdrawal from the battery and regulates the heat pump accordingly. The special thing about this setup is that the heat pump can dynamically adjust the power range, e.g. if there is surplus solar power.

This is the idealway to network KOSTAL inverters with a heat pump from NIBE

The PLENTICORE hybrid inverter from KOSTAL and the S series heat pump from NIBE can be easily connected via WLAN or a network for smooth communication. The heat pump software communicates with the hybrid inverter via a standardised Modbus/TCP interface according to the SunSpec protocol. In this way, the available power of the PV system is balanced with the power required by the heat pump so that the available electricity can be put to ideal use.

KOSTAL inverters now compatible with BYD Combiner Box: connect up to three storage towers in parallel

The requirements for generating and storing solar power are growing. The aim is to be able to generate and use as much renewable electricity as possible: this protects the environment and saves money. And the more self-generated electricity you can consume yourself, the greater your degree of self-sufficiency.

This is precisely why many system operators rely on high-quality solar modules and a highly efficient hybrid or battery inverter with intelligent control functions. The strengths of the hybrid inverter from KOSTAL are obvious: it converts solar energy into usable electricity and stores excess solar power in a battery. In this way, available power reserves can be retrieved even when the sun is not shining or during times of peak power.
For robust energy generation, it is also possible to connect several hybrid inverters from KOSTAL in a device network to maximise power and yield.

The KOSTAL inverters of the PLENTICORE series can now be used with the three high-voltage batteries of the LG Energy Solution RESU FLEX series.

KOSTAL Solar Electric believes in smart connections. This is now reflected in the compatibility between the KOSTAL inverters of the PLENTICORE series and the RESU FLEX battery storage units from LG Energy Solution (LGES; KRX: 373220).

There are increasing demands for energy self-sufficiency from renewable sources with high flexibility, so the challenge for the KOSTAL-LGES system lies primarily in delivering efficient output. The KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI inverters together with LGES storage units form a modern duo for greater independence when generating solar energy. The RESU FLEX high-voltage NMC battery offers a usable storage capacity of 8.6 kWh to 17.2 kWh.

KOSTAL inverters now approved for battery storage from Pylontech

The PLENTICORE and the H1 or H2 series (both IP55) from Pylontech combine to form a flexible and efficient partnership for storing solar energy. With its modular storage solution, Pylontech offers the option of upgrading the battery storage at a later date. The voltage range varies between 144 and 384 volts, depending on the model. The charging and discharging current is 13 amps. Thanks to the storage system, large power requirements experienced in the morning and evening are accommodated using the greatest solar energy production at around midday, meaning that peaks are balanced and grid-stabilising effects can be achieved through feed-in.

KOSTAL inverters compatible with new battery storage unit from Wintersun

Both the Energy-CORE and Power-CORE versions are modular and thanks to their plug-and-play design, both battery modules can be installed with ease. With their compact dimensions of 17.5 cm in height, 65 cm in width and 26 cm in depth per module, these systems are easy to accommodate. Automatic configuration also ensures convenient and easy commissioning. In addition, a maximum storage capacity of 153.6 kWh can be achieved by connecting up to six towers in parallel. When installing the storage unit, customers should check whether a new update is available because the CORE software SW02.08 is essential for compatibility to work.

"Customer requirements for planning a PV system are getting more and more demanding. What they want is the greatest possible flexibility in system design, making their own energy supply from renewable sources possible. We are taking this development into account when it comes to compatibility with other battery storage systems," says Andreas Schmalenberg, Product Manager at KOSTAL.

PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ now compatible with TIGO TS4

The TS4 components can be integrated into a controlling TIGO energy intelligence platform via the wireless interfaces CCA (Cloud Connect Advanced), TAP (TIGO Access Point) or an RSS transmitter. This platform then centrally evaluates the status of the TS4 modules. So users benefit twice over: firstly, the system status of the individual solar modules is continuously monitored and secondly, the device can also be switched off manually should the fire brigade be deployed, for example. 

In addition to cloud-based system monitoring, TIGO is also recommended when fire protection precautions are required. 

Here, users benefit from TIGO or KOSTAL monitoring via digital platforms such as KOSTAL Solar Portal and TIGO Cloud Connect, which are available free of charge. 

The Brand Award: KOSTAL - an impressive brand

System owners and PV planners are in agreement when it comes to KOSTAL inverters in combination with electricity storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps and an energy management system that also best serves smart-home applications: KOSTAL Solar Electric is considered one of the best-in-class companies in this field – by installers and system operators alike.

KOSTAL is therefore well-known among end customers and installers and is also in high demand and frequently recommended. This once again underlines KOSTAL's outstanding performance when rated against the competition: the brand focuses not only on product quality, efficiency and service, but also uniquely manifests a systemic, holistic application.

Perfectly equipped for every application with the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter transfers the direct current generated to the storage system. It can process the current from the solar modules as well as other connected AC sources, such as a wind turbine.

PLENTICORE plus as a hybrid inverter: Generate and store solar power

The PLENTICORE plus as a hybrid inverter has three connections, one of which can be used as a battery input and the other two as PV inputs.

If there is a surplus of solar energy, it is temporarily stored in the battery and can be consumed at a later time. These measurement data are recorded by the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. The PLENTICORE plus performs battery management based on the measurement data. When the battery is fully charged, surplus solar power is fed into the public grid.

A high-voltage battery from leading manufacturers such as BYD, BMZ or Nilar can be connected during installation and activated using an activation code. 

Combination of photovoltaics and other AC energy sources 

Not only can the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter store electricity from solar modules, but it can also process energy from other connected AC sources, such as a wind turbine or an existing solar system.

If you already generate electricity from an AC energy source, you can expand this system with the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter and a battery. An AC energy source can be, for example, a combined heat and power unit, a cogeneration unit, a wind turbine or an existing solar system. This enables you to generate electricity sustainably, store it for later use and increase your self-consumption. 


Protect the environment

In addition to the potential for electricity cost savings, photovoltaic systems with efficient storage systems also contribute towards environmental protection. After all, a system's efficiency is decisive in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

By making the greatest possible use of self-generated solar power and dispensing with conventional power from fossil fuels, highly efficient PV storage systems can bring CO2 savings compared to a PV system without battery storage.

Product advantages

Fast, self-learning shadow management that adapts individually to the installation site

PV hybrid inverter with battery input that can be optionally activated

Modbus/Sunspec (TCP) for Smart Home integration

Additional battery charging via AC energy sources

Extended MPP range with up to 3 MPP trackers: perfect for repowering

Free Solar Portal and Solar App for monitoring the PV system

Always up-to-date thanks to AutoUpdate

With the AutoUpdate function, your PLENTICORE plus is always up to date. New software versions are installed automatically. This feature can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the PLENTICORE plus.

To do this, you only need to update your inverter to the latest software version once. You can find the individual steps for this in our instructions or simply watch the short video.

Find the right update here.

The PLENTICORE plus all-rounder is always the perfect solution

Our all-rounder takes PV power generation and energy use in the home to a whole new level. Self-learning shadow management delivers the best possible PV yields even in cloudy weather. And the 3 MPP trackers not only make retrofitting a PV storage unit child's play, they also means that roof alignment is no longer a big issue for generating PV energy.

  • Because it's compatible with batteries from various manufacturers, the right battery can be connected for every requirement. Furthermore, with up to 3 MPP trackers, the PLENTICORE plus offers the great advantage that the roof direction is no longer a big deal, meaning that each roof can be individually equipped with suitable solar modules depending on which way it is pointing.

    Thanks to additional, self-learning shadow management, the PV hybrid inverter PLENTICORE plus adapts quickly and individually to the conditions at the location. In this way, only those PV modules that aren't in the shade are triggered. This means that high yields can be achieved when generating energy, even when there's shade.

  • By integrating market-leading high-voltage batteries it's possible to optimise your self-consumption. This makes you less dependent on the electricity supplier and, therefore, safeguarded well against electricity price increases. 
    The PLENTICORE plus offers the perfect solution for all those who are still undecided about whether a battery is the right choice for them: if you just use it as a solar inverter with 2 MPP trackers to start with, you still have the option of retrofitting a battery later on without having to pay the full price immediately. If required, the activation code can be easily purchased later from the KOSTAL Solar webshop. This means that the PLENTICORE plus is perfectly equipped for new future technologies.
  • The PLENTICORE plus can also be integrated into a Smart Home via various interfaces, such as Modbus (TCP), to achieve even greater electricity cost reductions thanks to self-consumption optimisation. This is because intelligent consumption control allows consumers in the home, such as the washing machine, to be switched on when there is excess power, e.g. at lunchtime. This can be done automatically or at any time while out and about.
  • Owners of existing PV systems can also use the PLENTICORE plus not only to expand their existing systems but also to store energy from the old and new systems in the battery thanks to AC coupling. 
    A photovoltaic system can also be added to a CHP or wind turbine using the PLENTICORE plus and the energy produced from all generators can be stored in the battery. This means that the owner benefits from different power generators that complement each other perfectly and allow for maximum self-consumption. 
  • Due to its extended MPP range, the PLENTICORE plus is also ideally suited as a replacement device for old inverters. Due to ongoing technological advancements, new inverters have a higher efficiency, which means that they can achieve significantly higher yields when used as replacements. Thanks to its compact size, the hybrid inverter saves space and requires less room than previous generations of inverters. The technical properties of the PLENTICORE plus have also been designed very flexibly so that it can be easily and quickly connected to existing systems.

Good to know:

The PLENTICORE plus has repeatedly achieved top values in the SPI tests, especially in the higher power class from 10 kWp. Perfectly equipped for the future with KOSTAL!

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