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KOSTAL launches the new KOSTAL Solar Terminal

The new digital platform simplifies day-to-day business with KOSTAL

The KOSTAL Solar Terminal, which KOSTAL Solar Electric presented at Intersolar in Munich, is the new digital platform for all digital business processes at KOSTAL. In future, private customers will be able to access digital services such as the KOSTAL SOLAR PORTAL via the new Solar Terminal. Business customers (specialist partners and installers) will also be able to use the new Solar Terminal to handle all matters relating to function expansions, planning, device configurations and much more. 
"This simplifies day-to-day business enormously for KOSTAL customers, be they private or business customers," confirms Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH.

A brief introduction to the KOSTAL Solar Terminal

KOSTAL Solar Terminal – start page

In future, KOSTAL customers will be able to access all other KOSTAL applications, such as the KOSTAL Solar Plan or the KOSTAL Solar online shop, via the new KOSTAL Solar Terminal. What makes this so great is that, by using a single sign-on function, customers only have to log in to the Solar Terminal once and can then use all other applications. 

“It was really important to us”, adds Frank Henn, “that we combined simplicity with the full benefits on one platform. And we have succeeded in doing this with the KOSTAL Solar Terminal.”

The single sign-on mechanism is joined by a concept of rights and roles within the Solar Terminal. KOSTAL business customers, such as installers and specialist partners, can set up various roles and rights and then assign these themselves to their company employees.

For example, commercial activities assigned to the “buyer” role can be easily distinguished from manual activities such as the “fitter” role. “Full control and transparency give our business customers clear added value”, explains Frank Henn. “By assigning roles with the relevant rights, our customers have a complete overview of all business transactions with KOSTAL.”
KOSTAL Solar Terminal – login
Quick and easy – login on the Solar Terminal
KOSTAL Solar Terminal – applications
All KOSTAL applications are accessible in just one click
KOSTAL Solar Terminal – user administration
Invite additional users to the Solar Terminal and manage them

KOSTAL Solar Terminal: launch and future expansion

The new KOSTAL Solar Terminal is being introduced gradually. For private customers, the KOSTAL Solar Terminal is starting with the link to the KOSTAL Solar Portal. Business customers can also access the KOSTAL Solar Portal via the KOSTAL Solar Terminal, as well as on the KOSTAL Solar online shop. “We are gradually adding more functionalities and applications to the KOSTAL Solar Terminal”, confirms Henn.

Of course, you can also maintain and adjust your own profile in the KOSTAL Solar Terminal yourself. “This is what makes the new platform so user-friendly and saves our customers a lot of time in their everyday work”, says Henn to conclude.

Right now, KOSTAL customers can access the new KOSTAL Solar Terminal free of charge and only need to set up their own password.

What do KOSTAL customers need to note?

KOSTAL customers receive free access to the new KOSTAL Solar Terminal and only need to create their own new password. All KOSTAL customers will receive an e-mail over the coming weeks asking them to do this.

In the following weeks, all KOSTAL applications, including the KOSTAL Solar Portal, Solar App and Solar online shop, will be gradually transferred to the new KOSTAL Solar Terminal.

You can also find more information and a brief guide here: https://www.kostal-solar-electric.com/en-gb/solar-terminal