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KOSTAL inverters now approved for battery storage from Pylontech

The PLENTICORE is a true all-rounder and can be continually and flexibly expanded for storage. Pylontech is the latest battery partner to join the portfolio compatible with the hybrid inverter.

One of the guiding principles of KOSTAL Solar Electric is to provide sector coupling to produce an efficient and ecological solution in the context of the energy transition. For this reason, developers are constantly working on ensuring compatibility with various system components. For example, customers of the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter or the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter are to benefit from the widest possible choice of storage units. Today, we are already seeing a wide range of storage solutions from many well-known manufacturers. 

This includes the H1 and H2 model series from Pylontech – recently released for the PLENTICORE G1 and G2 series.

The PLENTICORE and Pylontech storage units understand one another

The PLENTICORE and the H1 or H2 series (both IP55) from Pylontech combine to form a flexible and efficient partnership for storing solar energy. With its modular storage solution, Pylontech offers the option of upgrading the battery storage at a later date. The voltage range varies between 144 and 384 volts, depending on the model. The charging and discharging current is 13 amps. Thanks to the storage system, large power requirements experienced in the morning and evening are accommodated using the greatest solar energy production at around midday, meaning that peaks are balanced and grid-stabilising effects can be achieved through feed-in.

Important information: Only the "V2" battery management systems of the H1 and H2 series enable communication with the PLENTICORE. For the latest information, please refer to the PLENTICORE technical data sheet


KOSTAL hybrid and battery inverters

As a hybrid inverter, the PLENTICORE plus is ideal for an extremely flexible system design. It has a stand-alone output of between 3 and 10 kilowatts and achieves even higher outputs when two or more devices are interconnected. Thanks to dynamic regulation, it delivers the greatest possible amount of self-produced electricity at the right time.

The compact PLENTICORE BI battery inverter is also a real powerhouse for daily use in the 5.5 and 10 kilowatt power classes, with an input current of 26 amps. It is the ideal choice for expanding an existing PV system.

"The features of the KOSTAL inverters offer all kinds of possibilities," says Thomas Garber, Senior Product Manager at KOSTAL Solar Electric. "It has intelligent shadow management and a high efficiency, can be ideally integrated thanks to its common interfaces and offers a range of layout options thanks to its flexible string design."

Note: The KOSTAL inverters of the PLENTICORE series can be connected directly to the Pylontech battery storage units using the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL Energy Meter.

A pro tip from KOSTAL: with KOSTAL AutoUpdate, all software updates are imported automatically (including retrospective updates for earlier inverter models) for easy activation of compatible battery partners. Simply activate and you will always be up to date – automatically.

Please note: An overview of all approved batteries that are suitable for our inverters can be found here.