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PLENTICORE plus: A plus for system operators and installers

When choosing an inverter for a PV system, equipment, performance and expandability are key factors in this decision

Many system operators find easy installation just as important as having the flexibility to expand the system. When operating and expanding a PV system, it is therefore important to always keep an eye on the current performance data. For this reason, KOSTAL relies on a digital device display for its powerful PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter – placed centrally at eye level. This means that the operator can check the set-up and status on the device at any time in a convenient, self-explanatory process. 

With three DC inputs and four digital switched outputs for controlling multiple consumption sources, such as a heat pump, air conditioner or charging station, the second-generation PLENTICORE plus is ideal for many system configurations. In addition, the versatile German-made inverter comes with built-in communication features. Two LAN interfaces are available for networking several inverters to increase system performance, and there is also WLAN. 

This means that the device has all the necessary features to make it extremely powerful, flexible and future-proof – in short, a good investment as part of a private PV system.

How the PLENTICORE plus excels – for the installer

In addition, the PLENTICORE plus is one of few devices on the market with a backlit display that offers a special level of convenience. An integrated set-up wizard guides the installer step by step through commissioning.

You can carry out many steps conveniently on the device itself: from selecting the right time zone and entering the maximum energy feed-in, to setting up the network, integrating the device into smart home environments, connecting external systems such as PV modules, energy meters or battery storage units, enabling additional functions and entering country-specific guidelines.

A plus for every system operator

The device display also has benefits for the system operator during operation. The self-explanatory graphical user interface makes it easy for operators to retrieve real-time data. Current operating data, such as output, power flow or device status, including any error messages, can be checked virtually at the touch of a button, accompanied by the KOSTAL Solar App, which provides the corresponding data on a smartphone or tablet. 

Always the latest software – fully automatically

KOSTAL has also provided the PLENTICORE plus with an AutoUpdate function. Any function enhancement, performance optimisation or error rectification is automatically installed on the device when available. The same applies to the list of compatible devices, such as batteries. The owner alone decides whether they want to benefit from these advantages.

When the device is delivered, it has manual updates activated. The AutoUpdate function must be activated in the user menu. One good reason to activate it is that, if a service case ever occurs, the KOSTAL support team will know immediately which software the inverter is running, which makes communication and analysis much easier and speeds up the process. 

PLENTICORE plus: Ideal for heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as part of the transition in heating. All the better that the new PLENTICORE plus generation fulfils the "SG Ready" requirements of Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e. V. (German Heat Pump Association) and bears the coveted "SG Ready" label.

This means that inverters and heat pumps from NIBE, Brunner, Solvis and other partners interact optimally at all times. The same applies to the precisely timed use of surplus energy, for example to heat water or buildings, especially in the transitional periods in spring and autumn. 

PLENTICORE plus: Ideal in a battery network

Last but not least, the PLENTICORE plus is also extremely attractive because it enables battery storage units to be connected, either during initial commissioning or later. KOSTAL has been a reliable business partner for connected batteries for many years and is continuously expanding its collaboration with battery manufacturers.

It is already possible to easily connect storage systems from BYD, LG Energy Solution, BMZ, Dyness, Axitec, Pylontech and more to the PLENTICORE plus. To do this, the model in question is simply connected and selected from the ever-growing list of supported devices.*

Convenient commissioning and operation, excellent features, high efficiency and many interfaces for easy integration into the PV system: with the PLENTICORE plus, KOSTAL delivers a complete package that sets standards in terms of flexibility, performance and user-friendliness – time and time again.

* Please always refer to the overview of our approved batteries.