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The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is getting even smarter

Thanks to its automatic update function, KOSTAL's intelligent energy meter now offers even more convenience and control over power consumption – from your home network to your electric vehicle.

KOSTAL Solar Electric is continually optimising its products: the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is now being given a comprehensive software update, thereby extending its range of functions and modernising its user interface for controlling the KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR. The user interface can be accessed via the KOSTAL Solar App or the Solar Portal.

KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter: smart becomes smarter

The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter offers smooth and fast installation thanks to a standard pre-configuration for the PLENTICORE plus and PIKO MP plus. 

In addition, integrating the KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR into the complete system with inverters offers further advantages and,
thanks to the new "AutoUpdate function", the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter always features the very latest technology without you having to do anything.

Simply activate the "Install available updates automatically" in the device settings. This enables all functional enhancements and improvements to be updated automatically – for strong performance and maximum security.

A new look for the wallbox charging modes

In particular, owners of the KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR with activated functions targeted at convenience can look forward to an optimised and modern adaptation of the display in the KOSTAL Solar App and on the Solar Portal.

As well as being able to read the current status of the charging process immediately, all charging modes can be called up and read in detail simply by clicking on the appropriate button. The visualisation adapted for each charging mode allows users to see the charging power at a glance.

In Solar Plus Mode, it is now even easier to select the start charging power point. You can see intuitively at a glance that, when there is excess power, the mains supply is automatically replaced and the charging power is increased to a maximum surplus. 

Furthermore, the user can define a minimum solar fraction at which point the charging process begins. Therefore, even with small systems and a small amount of surplus, it is possible to charge an electric vehicle with the largest possible share of solar power. 

More overview, more control

The revised dashboard shows all components of the PV system and their connections to each other at a glance. Thanks to detailed breakdowns, the user can easily see in real time when there is a particularly large amount of surplus energy available. This allows customers to decide for themselves how they want to use the available energy as efficiently as possible. If there is a system fault, there is a simple function for sending an e-mail to the user via the KOSTAL Solar Portal. 

The current update enables depiction of the entire system with more than one inverter – also in combination with a KOSTAL wallbox. In addition, the consumption and feed-in values are displayed on the dashboard from the day the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is installed.

If a PLENTICORE or PIKO MP plus with connected battery is set up in the Smart Energy Meter, the battery state of charge (SoC) is now also displayed on the dashboard. 

Summary: The development of the intelligent KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter goes hand in hand with adjustments to the KOSTAL product portfolio and offers its users maximum convenience and control thanks to automatic updates and additional functions – now and in the future.