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A look back at 2023 at KOSTAL Solar Electric

All the highlights, innovations and news in our 2023 annual review

In 2023, KOSTAL Solar Electric continued to drive forward its product range at all levels. Increased output in the commercial and residential sectors, awards, new partnerships and expansion of the software range are just some of the milestones reached during an eventful 2023. And the foundations have already been laid for numerous new arrivals in 2024. 

A review of 2023

January 2023: PLENTICORE plus relaunch

PLENTICORE plus with new features

Right at the start of the new year, the PLENTICORE plus delivers impressive new digital features.

The multifunctional inverter now comes with integrated WLAN, which simplifies initial commissioning and monitoring in particular. It now also has four digital 24-volt outputs for even more flexibility and potential applications.

This is where our partnerships with manufacturers of storage systems, heat pumps and more come into play, offering every PLENTICORE owner numerous options for expanding their PV system – all in the spirit of sector coupling.

February 2023: In Germany. For Europe. From KOSTAL. For efficient and renewable energy. Internationally

There is growing demand for high-performance solar systems with expanded capacities and options to connect additional consumers, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

KOSTAL Solar Electric meets this demand in all respects and supports dealers and installers on site. That is why KOSTAL Solar Electric attends the most important trade fairs in Europe, where it makes contacts, gains fresh momentum, and presents future concepts and product innovations.

Lars Brinkmeyer is Sales Manager for Europe and meets customers from the most diverse corners of our continent at trade fairs. The countries' submarkets are of great importance for KOSTAL: "We have a lean, universally usable product portfolio. This year, we are focusing on our new, second-generation PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverters. We are also increasing our efforts in expanding our inverters for commercial use. This is particularly attractive for customers in Europe."

March 2023: KOSTAL wins several awards

Awards for the KOSTAL product portfolio

Once again, KOSTAL inverters, wallboxes and smart energy meters are winning over experts, retailers, tradespeople and end customers alike.

As part of the System Performance Index compiled by HTW Berlin, the inverters show for the sixth time in a row that they are highly efficient across all classes.

The Bonn-based research institute EUPD also recognises KOSTAL Solar Electric for its outstanding products. The awards are based on the opinions of 22,000 system operators and installers. They recognise KOSTAL as a "Top Brand" with both a strong brand perception and an ideal product portfolio for an intelligent home management system.

April 2023: PLENTICORE plus with heat pump

PLENTICORE plus in combination with heat pumps

The KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus inverter is compatible with a large number of heat pumps, all in the spirit of sector coupling. And what makes it so special is the easy-to-use connection between the two devices.

Once a WLAN or network connection has been established between the inverter and heat pump, the devices can communicate via a standardised Modbus/TCP interface in accordance with the SunSpec protocol.

Through partnerships with manufacturers of high-quality heat pumps, such as NIBE, Solvis and Brunner, KOSTAL ensures that owners of the PLENTICORE plus have an excellent choice of compatible heat pumps as they journey towards energy self-sufficiency.

May 2023: PLENTICORE plus compatible with Pylontech

PLENTICORE plus with Pylontech storage systems

The Pylontech battery complements the PLENTICORE plus inverter's extensive storage portfolio.

In addition to storage systems from renowned companies, such as BYD, Dyness and bmz, the list of compatible storage systems now also includes the H1 and H2 series from Pylontech.

Things get really clever if you add the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter or KOSTAL Energy Meter. Integrated into the KOSTAL Solar Portal, solar self-consumption can be maximised and self/home consumption can be clearly displayed. As both devices are pre-configured, connecting the storage system is very simple.

An overview of all approved batteries can be found here.

June 2023: KOSTAL enjoys record attendance at Intersolar

KOSTAL impresses visitors to Intersolar in Munich with many premières and innovations and is rewarded with a new visitor record.

The premières include the 100-kW version of the PIKO CI commercial inverter, which was launched in autumn 2023 and got off to a flying start on the market.

The PLENTICORE, which boasts new digital features and easier commissioning, is once again attracting huge interest. In future, it will also be available in a version that can be extended up to 20 kW. And it will be capable of providing backup power. KOSTAL can also provide suitable in-house changeover switches.

The KOSTAL stand also includes exhibits of numerous storage solutions that emphasise the great flexibility of the PLENTICORE plus. Here is a detailed report on Intersolar 2023.

July 2023: More awards for KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox

KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox wins several awards

KOSTAL had barely presented the ENECTOR wallbox in 2021 when it received its first award, the German Design Award.

This trend is continuing this year.

As part of a reader survey conducted by haustec.de, the online trade magazine for building technology, more than 15,000 users vote for their favourite products. The ENECTOR wallbox takes second place in the "Energy" category.

The jury of the Green GOOD DESIGN Award in turn recognise that KOSTAL's ENECTOR does a particularly good job of meeting economic, environmental and socio-ecological requirements.

August 2023: KOSTAL celebrates one year of the Energy Meter

KOSTAL Energy Meter

The KOSTAL Energy Meter celebrates its birthday and one-year anniversary as a low-cost basic alternative, complementing the product portfolio of energy meters.

It is the right choice for photovoltaic systems with inverters and connected battery storage. Regardless of whether customers have the C or P series, both energy meters provide all inverter data via the KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar App. And thanks to its large LCD, the KOSTAL Energy Meter is also extremely user-friendly.

If the ENECTOR wallbox or a second PLENTICORE is also to be integrated, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is the best choice.

September 2023: the new PIKO CI 100 commercial inverter


The successful market launch and the continuing strong demand for high power classes were reasons enough for KOSTAL to add a 100 kW device to the series.

In addition to a high 100 kW of power, the PIKO CI 100 also focuses on safety. For example, it has arc detection with automatic event messages for the greatest possible safety.

It also offers type 2 overvoltage protection on the AC and DC sides. And the AC Smart Switch enables independent decoupling from the grid, if necessary.

Like the smaller devices in the series, the CI 100 is easy to start up with the PIKO CI App. And thanks to multiple-inverter connection, it offers maximum flexibility when expanding larger PV systems.

Thanks to the robust IP66-certified housing, the PIKO CI 100 can be used indoors, on outdoor façades and in open spaces without any problems.

October 2023: PLENTICORE plus with storage from Dyness

PLENTICORE plus with Dyness battery storage

The KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is now compatible with the battery storage system from Dyness.

The modular battery storage system can be expanded to up to five modules as required. Based on lithium-ion batteries, the Tower ESS is available in various power classes. PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI are compatible with types T7, T10, T14 and T17.

Thanks to KOSTAL AutoUpdate, the PLENTICORE software is automatically kept up to date, making it easy to activate compatible battery systems.

An overview of all approved batteries can be found here.

November 2023: the new KOSTAL Solar Terminal launches

KOSTAL Solar Terminal

The new KOSTAL Solar Terminal marks the launch of KOSTAL Solar Electric's new digital landscape and simplifies everyday business.

KOSTAL customers can access all applications, such as KOSTAL Solar Plan or the KOSTAL Solar online shop, via the new platform. All software solutions now only require one account and one login for users to access all applications right away.

One of the special features of the terminal is the ability to grant certain rights and roles to company employees. This ensures that a purchaser or installer only has access to the actions assigned to them. The KOSTAL Solar Terminal is being introduced gradually, meaning that new functions will be added one after another.

December 2023: EUPD Award

EUPD Award
As a sustainable manufacturing company, KOSTAL is committed to making its production as efficient and resource-friendly as possible. For this reason, KOSTAL underwent an audit by the independent research institute EUPD Research and submitted a detailed sustainability report. The result: an ESG Transparency Award, which proves that KOSTAL is one of the pioneers in sustainability reporting and is achieving the highest level of excellence with 89 out of 100 points. This result clearly shows that KOSTAL's efforts to make its production as environmentally friendly as possible and to act in a socially responsible manner are effective and highly exemplary.