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From the heart of KOSTAL - And for power generation in the system

Whether in your own home or in a company, the streamlined KOSTAL range offers everything you need to manage your self-generated energy. Because with a KOSTAL inverter, generating electricity is easier, more cost-efficient and more sustainable than ever before. In combination with the KOSTAL energy manager, the energy meter and the KOSTAL wallbox, the KOSTAL complete system is the perfect match for everyone.

PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter with the KEM energy meter and a battery storage unit

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter combined with our KEM energy meter and high-voltage battery storage delivers high performance, a high degree of self-sufficiency and easy monitoring.

The award-winning three-phase PLENTICORE plus has an output of up to 10 kW. It is also suitable for complex roof designs and gets the best solar energy levels out of them.

The KOSTAL Energy Meter provides a quick and easy way to manage the connected battery, while also displaying detailed measurement data on energy flows and providing information on the degree of self-sufficiency achieved.

With a large number of reliable battery partners to choose from, the result is a highly efficient trio that stores solar power at peak times so that it can be used efficiently later for self-consumption.

PIKO CI commercial inverter, PLENTICORE BI battery inverter combined with BYD battery and KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

The robust PIKO CI inverter sets standards in all respects: it is easy to use, safe thanks to integrated features, and powerful with up to 18 amps of input current per string with a power rating of 30, 50 or 60 kW.

The economical device contributes its full potential to the system. The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter intelligent energy manager makes optimum use of the solar power generated. The system works best in combination with the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter and a connected BYD battery, which provides large power reserves with up to 66.3 kWh, and up to 10 kW charging and discharging power.

In this combination, businesses can supply themselves with clean and self-produced PV electricity. And if demand increases, the PIKO CI can also be quickly expanded as part of a team – for larger PV capacities and even more potential for savings.

PLENTICORE plus with ENECTOR wallbox and KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is an all-rounder and together with the intelligent energy manager KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR it forms a real power team,

enabling the solar energy captured by the solar modules to be optimally converted by the KOSTAL inverter with up to 10 kW of power. The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter monitors generation and home consumption and can intelligently control the ENECTOR wallbox and charge the connected electric car.

Everything is perfectly coordinated and easy to control via the KOSTAL Solar App.

PIKO MP plus with BYD battery and KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

The PIKO MP plus from KOSTAL is a multitasking solution for cost-effective, single-phase integration in your own power supply system.

The PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter offers up to 5 kW of power and a very wide MPP control range. The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter not only measures the solar power generated, but also ensures optimal operation of a connected BYD storage unit,

enabling you to produce your own electricity and use it flexibly, whether now or later.

With its solar, hybrid and battery inverters, KOSTAL offers first-class solar technology in a system for private and commercial applications. KOSTAL's energy managers and meters complete the range. The ENECTOR wallbox meets an additional need by allowing you to use solar energy for electric vehicles. The free monitoring tools on the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the Solar App ensure perfect monitoring and visualisation of your own PV system.