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We're celebrating: the KOSTAL Energy Meter’s first anniversary

The KOSTAL Energy Meter is the low-cost alternative with the full range of basic functions

The difficult supply situation experienced over the last few years has presented many companies, including KOSTAL Solar Electric, with major challenges. KOSTAL has only managed to meet the huge demand for the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter with delays.

To continue to support customers in their growth and to drive the energy transition forward, KOSTAL has identified components that can be delivered promptly and has eased the difficult demand situation linked to the KOSTAL Energy Meter. One year down the line and an alternative has become a new element of the KOSTAL Solar Electric portfolio, offering installers and dealers real added value.

Different design, identical functions

Regardless of whether customers opt for Series C (left) or Series P (right), both versions of the KOSTAL Energy Meter are fully equipped in terms of functionality.

The Energy Meters from KOSTAL cover many applications of a modern photovoltaic system, such as 24-hour home consumption measurement, dynamic active power control and the operation of a connected battery storage unit.

Thanks to its pre-configuration and in combination with the PLENTICORE plus, the battery storage unit can be used in no time at all.

The LCD display also makes the KOSTAL Energy Meter very user-friendly, as all important information can be read off immediately. The final element of the KOSTAL Energy is its low price.

The KOSTAL Energy Meters from the C and P Series are ideal for systems with inverters and connected battery storage. They provide all the inverter data for free monitoring in the KOSTAL Solar Portal and in the KOSTAL Solar App.

How to use the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL Energy Meter 

If the PLENTICORE plus is to be operated with a battery storage system, the KOSTAL Energy Meter fulfils all the necessary requirements: dynamic active power control, 24-hour home consumption measurement and connection via pre-configured RS-485 interfaces.

If the ENECTOR is to form part of the photovoltaic system, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is the right choice. This also applies if a second PLENTICORE is to be integrated into the system. The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter should also be used in scenarios where the PIKO MP plus is connected to an energy meter.

All current information, certificates and downloads for KOSTAL Energy Meters, such as data sheets, operating manuals and images, can be found in our  download area.