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KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR is honoured with the haustec award

The KOSTAL ENECTOR AC 3.7/11 wallbox impressed haustec.de readers to win second place in the Energy category.

Haustec.de, the online trade magazine for building technology, has been selecting the best products through its reader surveys every year since 2017. This year there were 52 products to choose from and over 15,000 product users voted for their favourites. The KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR came second in the Energy category.  

Through their vote, users acknowledged the special features of the AC Wallbox ENECTOR, which sets new standards for sustainability in electric mobility with its advanced charging technology. Its dynamic shape is inspiring too, as proven by the fact that the product also won the German Design Award. The ENECTOR thus brings together excellence in design, engineering and software development.

Clever exterior

The robust, beautifully designed housing with its dynamic lines fulfils several purposes. It serves as a receptacle for the 7.5-metre-long charging cable with type 2 charging plug, which is included in the scope of delivery. It also offers an easy-to-read LED display, which shows the charging mode and all important status messages. Due to its compact dimensions, the ENECTOR can be installed safely and save space indoors or outdoors.

Full control for every requirement

ENECTOR serves as an efficient interface between the house's photovoltaic system and the electric vehicle. The wallbox offers smart energy management, as the output of the ENECTOR can be easily controlled in combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. Whether fast charging with maximum power in Power Mode or locking the charging function against unwanted use in Lock Mode, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL wallbox always work effectively together.

Additional individual charging modes also support intelligent control and simple customisation. In Solar Pure Mode, only self-generated solar power is used. In Solar Plus Mode, the charging power is instead always dynamically adapted to the power availability.

All convenience features can be activated as required now or at a later date with the appropriate ENECTOR activation code.

Optimally equipped with ENECTOR

ENECTOR is compatible with almost all common electric vehicles. Integration into the building grid is easy and supports every type of electric vehicle charging, as ENECTOR provides single-phase charging at 3.7 kW and delivers 11 kW for three-phase operation in line with regulations. The current of 16 amps per phase ensures fast charging cycles.

The wallbox processes can be monitored in a user-friendly way using the comprehensive KOSTAL Solar Portal and the associated KOSTAL Solar App. This means that the user can easily keep track of everything and can quickly change operating modes or reconfigure the system. Generation, charging and consumption data are automatically collected and displayed on the Solar Portal. It is easy to understand, analyse and modulate, enabling continuous optimisation of the overall system and making changes easy.

This makes the AC wallbox ENECTOR a perfect component in the sector-coupling system for sustainability, energy efficiency, flexibility and a forward-looking approach.