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KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox receives Green GOOD DESIGN Award

By bestowing their Green GOOD DESIGN Award, the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum acknowledge the design and sustainability of KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox

Having won the German Design Award upon its market launch in 2021, KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox has now picked up the coveted international Green GOOD DESIGN Award. Once again, the ENECTOR has won over a panel of judges with its exceptional form and function, delivering the perfect combination of photovoltaics and electromobility. The prize, which has been awarded for over 70 years, recognises not only the wallbox's successful design but also its sustainability, and underlines the KOSTAL ENECTOR's high quality and durability, which in turn enables ideal cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Green GOOD DESIGN Award for greater flexibility and user-friendliness

"In our eyes, modern product design must be innovative and authentic at the same time. We pay particular attention to the flexibility of our products and how easy they are to use. The ENECTOR is an extremely robust but beautifully designed wallbox, made for indoor and outdoor use. We are therefore very pleased that the ENECTOR has received the Green GOOD DESIGN Award for precisely this reason," says Dennis Hollenbeck, Product Manager at KOSTAL.

Kevin Klöcker is an industrial designer at GENERATIONDESIGN and, as the main person responsible for the wallbox's design, says: "Design, functionality and sustainability are inextricably linked. Our goal is to make sustainable products like the ENECTOR wallbox attractive through their design, to stand out from the competition through their sustainability and functionality as well as their good design."

Award for sustainability and cost-effectiveness

Thanks to the ENECTOR wallbox's excellent sustainability credentials, the jury of the Green GOOD DESIGN Award believe that KOSTAL is responding very effectively to economic, environmental and socio-ecological demands.

The ENECTOR wallbox does this by providing electricity generated by photovoltaics such that it can be used to charge an electric vehicle. The KOSTAL wallbox is designed for users to utilise solar energy from their own solar system and various operating modes (solar charging and solar surplus charging) for their own electric vehicle.

ENECTOR adapts the availability of solar power to the consumption situation, optimising the cost-benefit ratio for the user. Combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter energy manager, the ENECTOR becomes an intelligent wallbox that uses the right amount of available solar power at the right time to charge the electric vehicle.

Yet another award for KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox 

KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox is a quality German product made of high-quality and durable components, which ensure a high level of operational safety and a long service life. The housing and interior thereby pave the way for the sustainability now recognised by this award as well as the user convenience provided by flexibly expandable convenience functions.

Additional device features can be activated by the user at any time. What makes this product so special is the good value for money and the opportunity for users to make their own energy system more sustainable through the use of renewable electricity sources. This flexibility of the ENECTOR wallbox saves resources and spares the user extra installation work, as no additional devices have to be purchased to add extra features.

Finally, the Green GOOD DESIGN Award recognises the outstanding degree of innovation of the ENECTOR wallbox, the functionality of which differs from conventional charging solutions on the market.

All in all, the ENECTOR wallbox is another important component for sector coupling within the complete KOSTAL system.