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In Germany. For Europe. From KOSTAL. For efficient and renewable energy. Internationally

There is growing demand for high-performance solar systems with expanded capacities and options to connect additional consumers, not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

KOSTAL Solar Electric meets this demand in all respects and supports dealers and installers on site. That is why KOSTAL Solar Electric attends the most important trade fairs in Europe, where it makes contacts, gains fresh momentum, and presents future concepts and product innovations.

Lars Brinkmeyer is Sales Manager for Europe and meets customers from the most diverse corners of our continent at trade fairs. The countries' submarkets are of great importance for KOSTAL: "We have a lean, universally usable product portfolio. This year, we are focusing on our new, second-generation PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverters. We are also increasing our efforts in expanding our inverters for commercial use. This is particularly attractive for customers in Europe."

KOSTAL in Europe: Showing customers what we can do

Lars Brinkmeyer and his team are very busy participating in trade fairs in Europe. After InterSolution (Belgium), KOSTAL Solar Electric will showcase itself at the solar trade fairs Genera (Spain), ENEX (Poland), Solar Solutions International (the Netherlands), BE POSITIVE (France), K.EY (Italy) and Intersolar (Germany). Current solutions from the KOSTAL product portfolio and future innovations will be in the spotlight. Of course, it's also important to highlight collaborations with system partners, including compatible battery and heat pump partners.

Lars Brinkmeyer is enthusiastic about kicking the year off in Ghent/Belgium: "There is great interest, especially in system solutions consisting of inverters and storage units. This is where our flexibility in storage solutions plays a special role and we stand out by offering high compatibility with numerous renowned partners. We were able to strengthen existing contacts with our wholesalers and gain new ones. We also focussed on expanding our installer network in the Belgian market. And here, too, we have already acquired further specialist partners, because they are convinced by the 'Made in Germany' concept, our partner programme, and the support and training we provide in their native language."

KOSTAL Solar Electric: Products from Germany for Europe

German-made KOSTAL Solar Electric products convince people, and that is something that won't change. KOSTAL produces its solutions in established manufacturing facilities that it has been continuously expanding since 2022 to meet the sharp increase in demand.

For example, two new products have already been successfully launched in the energy meter range, which has quickly and skilfully increased KOSTAL's market presence alongside the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. The universally usable PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is – and will continue to be – manufactured entirely in Germany. "There is also sales and technical support available in the local language of each country," adds Brinkmeyer. "In addition, all KOSTAL products are adapted to the specific country's conditions. This gives our dealers and installers the necessary confidence in the partnership and is crucial for long-term success in each country."

An important factor for European customers, both private households and businesses, is the increasing demand for complete systems. With the inverters, compatible battery storage, energy meters, monitoring tools and the KOSTAL Wallbox, the key elements of a PV system now come from a single source. The products are perfectly coordinated and are designed to work flawlessly together. Depending on the grid operation, from single-phase to three-phase, the system is supported throughout Europe. 

KOSTAL Consulting, Sales and Service – across Europe 

KOSTAL accommodates customers by ensuring the availability of products and services through a well-developed network. As a result, the company is present in all parts of Europe. Branches and partners take care of buyers and guarantee close contact between manufacturers, installers and customers. The emphasis is on a trusting partnership and absolute reliability.

Lars Brinkmeyer focuses on an improved all-round service: "We work closely with each national market, meaning that we can adapt products locally. At the same time, contact with installers is intensified via our support and the relevant training offer. To this end, we are in constant contact with our wholesalers, fostering satisfaction and strengthening the partnership. And therein lies the future."

Spain, Italy, France and Greece already have numerous established KOSTAL branches with an expanded network of trade partners and certified installer companies. KOSTAL is now expanding its internal team here to meet growing demand in the private and commercial sectors.

"We have created the best conditions for interacting with customers, wholesalers and installers with our native-speaker contact partners in the Hotline, Sales and Service departments and exude quality assurance and price stability. Our customers very much appreciate that," says Brinkmeyer.

Wholesalers, specialist companies and installers throughout Europe are delighted with the expanded range of activities. The sales and service network has been further expanded by opening new branches and strengthening existing teams. For efficient and renewable energy. In Germany. For Europe. From KOSTAL.