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Sector coupling with PLENTICORE plus and Currently from CheckWatt

Sector coupling is an elementary building block on the path towards the energy transition. For this reason, KOSTAL Solar Electric attaches great importance to flexibility and maximum compatibility of the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter. In addition to numerous new partners for battery storage and heat pumps, the Swedish company Checkwatt is now also part of the partner network.

Greatest possible efficiency through intelligence

CheckWatt AB is an energy services company that connects energy assets to the Currently support service. Most assets –  solar PV, wind turbines, EV chargers or battery energy storage – are flexible in how they use or generate electricity. This flexibility is aggregated by CheckWatt into something called a virtual power plant (VPP). Several energy system players buy services from the VPP. Currently, the main purchaser of aggregated flexibility are transmission system operators (TSOs), which need capacity to maintain a stable 50 hertz in the grid. If the power grid fluctuates too much, equipment damage and power failures may occur. The PLENTICORE plus has the speed and reliability needed to fulfil the criteria specified by TSOs. 

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter

The PLENTICORE plus as a hybrid inverter is the ideal all-rounder for all kinds of system designs and applications. It has an output of between 3 and 10 kW and can also achieve higher outputs when two or more units are interconnected. Thanks to dynamic regulation, it is able to provide the largest possible amount of self-produced electricity at the right time. Its AutoUpdate function always keeps it up to date, meaning that functional enhancements, new compatibilities or performance optimisations are always installed automatically. And with a warranty extension of up to 10 years, the user is on the safe side.

Sector coupling is an important factor at KOSTAL

KOSTAL is constantly expanding its partner network. In 2023 alone, KOSTAL registered three new partners from the heat pump sector. For example, the S series from NIBE is compatible with the PLENTICORE plus. KOSTAL also excels in its partnerships with battery manufacturers: a number of well-known manufacturers have battery storage systems that harmonise excellently with the PLENTICORE plus. These include LG Energy Solutions, BYD, BMZ, Dyness, Axitec and Wintersun. Further partnerships are being planned. An overview of all approved batteries can be found here.