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KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverter now approved for battery storage from Axitec

The PLENTICORE hybrid inverter is the ideal choice for anyone who values both a high-quality German-made inverter and maximum flexibility when it comes to connecting battery storage units. Axitec now joins the ranks of compatible battery storage systems, expanding the range of options for retailers, installers and end customers.

KOSTAL Solar Electric always gives due consideration to sector coupling as the key to the energy transition. To offer customers a large choice of compatible devices, we are continually expanding our partner network. Owners of a PLENTICORE plus or PLENTICORE BI can choose from an impressive selection of battery storage units, which now includes Axitec with the Li SV1 and Li SV2 model series.

PLENTICORE inverters and Axitec storage units are in tune with each other

Axitec's Li SV1 and Li SV2 modular storage solutions (both IP55) offer the option of upgrading the battery storage to a larger storage capacity at any time, with each module capable of delivering 3.37 kWh.

This means that, depending on the number of storage modules, the Li SV1 offers between 10.1 kWh and 23.6 kWh and the Li SV2 between 6.7 kWh and 13.5 kWh. The charging and discharging current of the PLENTICORE BI is up to 26 A with the Li SV1 and 18.5 A with the Li SV2. This means that it is possible to achieve peak charging and discharging capacities of up to 8.7 kW. 

But the Axitec storage units can also be charged or discharged with up to 5 kW using the PLENTICORE plus. Thanks to the storage system, large power requirements experienced in the morning and evening are covered using the greatest solar power production around midday, balancing out power spikes and achieving grid-stabilising effects through feed-in.

Further technical details on the Axitec storage units in combination with the PLENTICORE plus can be found here 

KOSTAL hybrid and battery inverters

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to system design. As a stand-alone unit, it enables between 3 kW and 10 kW, and when two or more units are used, even higher outputs are possible. Then the battery is charged via both the direct current (DC) side and the alternating current (AC) side. This means that the greatest possible proportion of solar power can be used, especially on days with less sunshine.

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter is also a real powerhouse for daily use in the 5.5 kW and 10 kW power classes. It is the perfect partner for expanding an existing PV system.

"The features of the KOSTAL inverters offer all kinds of possibilities," says Thomas Garber, Senior Product Manager at KOSTAL Solar Electric. "The PLENTICORE plus enables intelligent shadow management and high efficiency. Since it is equipped with all common interfaces, it can be ideally integrated and its flexible string design enables a variable layout."

Note: The KOSTAL inverters of the PLENTICORE series can be operated directly with the Axitec battery storage units using the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL Energy Meter.

A pro tip from KOSTAL: with KOSTAL AutoUpdate, all software updates are imported fully automatically (including retrospective updates for earlier inverter models) for easy activation of compatible battery partners. Simply activate and you will always be up to date – automatically.

A list of all approved batteries that are suitable for our inverters can be found here