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PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ now compatible with TIGO TS4

Improved safety thanks to a rapid shutdown function should the system malfunction or should the fire brigade be deployed

KOSTAL Solar Electric has successfully tested the compatibility of its two PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ inverter models with TS4 products from TIGO. In addition to the integrated safety functions of the PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ, owners of these inverters are therefore able to integrate further safety functions into their PV system that take effect at the solar module level. KOSTAL already tested the TS4-O optimiser in the past and found it to be perfectly compatible. Based on this success and further tests, KOSTAL is pleased to release the complete TS4 series. One new feature is a rapid shutdown function should the system malfunction or should the fire brigade be deployed. 

The rapid shutdown function is based on parameter monitoring and enables the solar modules to be immediately shut down. The PIKO IQ solar inverters and the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter with power ratings of between 3 and 10 kW are perfectly compatible with all TIGO TS4 components, which makes them even more flexible. The combination of KOSTAL inverters and TIGO TS4 products is therefore ideal for PV systems that require module monitoring or rapid shutdown and additional fire protection safety. 

Communication between the components

PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ now compatible with TIGO TS4

The TS4 components can be integrated into a controlling TIGO energy intelligence platform via the wireless interfaces CCA (Cloud Connect Advanced), TAP (TIGO Access Point) or an RSS transmitter. This platform then centrally evaluates the status of the TS4 modules. So users benefit twice over: firstly, the system status of the individual solar modules is continuously monitored and secondly, the device can also be switched off manually should the fire brigade be deployed, for example. 

In addition to cloud-based system monitoring, TIGO is also recommended when fire protection precautions are required. 

Here, users benefit from TIGO or KOSTAL monitoring via digital platforms such as KOSTAL Solar Portal and TIGO Cloud Connect, which are available free of charge. 

The TS4 products and their capabilities

The TIGO TS4 product group includes seven different models. The following list shows which of the products has which properties:

  • TS4-A-M: Monitoring
  • TS4-A-F & -2F: Rapid shutdown
  • TS4-S: Monitoring, rapid shutdown
  • TS4-A-S: Monitoring, rapid shutdown
  • TS4-O: Optimisation, monitoring, rapid shutdown
  • TS4-A-O: Optimisation, monitoring, rapid shutdown

KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH and TIGO warranties continue to apply if the design, installation and operating requirements for each product are met. When using TIGO products with the optimiser function, the integrated shadow management in the inverter must be deactivated.

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