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New: the solar calculator from KOSTAL

Through its solar calculator, PV specialist KOSTAL is providing a simple tool for calculating the energy potential of your own PV system for free

New: the solar calculator from KOSTAL
Anyone wanting to buy a PV system can now use a calculator simulation to estimate the potential of self-produced solar power that they will use in their own home. With the KOSTAL solar calculator, this can be done with ease. Here, the user finds out how much of the energy output from the solar system can be used - also taking into account a connected battery storage unit as well as a charging station for the user's own electric vehicle.

KOSTAL provides the solar calculator free of charge on its website. In just a few clicks, the self-generated solar power is shown split into the various forms of use. The calculator shows three important parameters: the annual electricity consumption of the household, the output of the photovoltaic system and, if operated, the usable capacity of the battery storage unit.

This provides valuable insights into the level of self-consumption and the degree of self-sufficiency in terms of using solar power and therefore important information about increasing efficiency and cost savings.

Break down into shares of energy with ease

The free solar calculator provides initial information on the potential size of the share of solar power generated for your own household. And the higher the self-consumption, the more efficiently electricity from self-production can be consumed. The solar calculator shows how much energy is used for direct consumption, how much solar power is stored and how large the share of surplus electricity is that can be fed into the public grid. 

Another overview clarifies the degree of self-sufficiency. This shows what share of the electricity used by the household is self-generated in terms of its total consumption. If the PV system delivers less electricity than required by the household, the KOSTAL solar calculator calculates the amount of additional energy that must be drawn from the grid. The relevant output can be easily set and varied in the calculator tool using sliders, enabling the tool to carry out simulations in the background and display values graphically.

Calculate with or without an electric vehicle

From now on users can also include another parameter in the total calculation using the "Kilometres driven per year" slider. In the "Solar share of car power" display, the solar calculator indicates the share at which the electric vehicle can be charged via the photovoltaic storage system. Either simultaneous direct consumption or support from the battery storage unit contributes to this.

Summary: The KOSTAL solar calculator provides initial key data on potential system efficiency. As a simulation tool, the calculator shows the required performance of solar systems in terms of self-consumption and degree of self-sufficiency.