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KOSTAL hybrid inverters with smart grid functionality

The new PLENTICORE plus generation now with "SG Ready" label for easy and intelligent operation of heat pumps

The second generation of the PLENTICORE plus inverter now meets the SG Ready requirements of Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e. V. (the German Heat Pump Association), earning it the coveted "SG Ready" label. This makes the KOSTAL hybrid inverter the ideal building block for your own PV system, enabling low-cost and environmentally friendly energy generation. And since a large number of modern heat pumps can be controlled, many options are now available for the environmentally conscious system operator. 

Combining an inverter and heat pump

KOSTAL hybrid inverters with smart grid functionality
Heat pumps are ideal consumers because they allow load shifting. This means that the consumption of available energy can be precisely timed. This is a great advantage, especially when providing hot water. If the PV system also has excess energy, this can be used for a switch-on recommendation or to raise the setpoint temperature. In addition to water heating, the building can also be heated with the greatest possible proportion of solar power, particularly during the transitional periods in spring and autumn. In combination with the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus G2 inverter, this is an optimal choice on the road to self-sufficiency.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus is now "SG Ready"

The digital output can be configured and adapted to the performance values of the controlled heat pump in the PLENTICORE's web browser. The PLENTICORE plus is equipped with multiple communication options: not only two LAN interfaces and WLAN capability, but also four additional digital interfaces with which it can control other consumers such as heat pumps, air conditioners or charging stations.

As well as being compatible with a wide range of consumers such as heat pumps, the PLENTICORE plus also provides a dependable solution when combined with a battery – because KOSTAL is continually expanding its partnerships with renowned battery manufacturers to guarantee a smooth interaction with the most popular storage solutions.

Those who choose KOSTAL lay the foundation for their own energy transition and, on top of that, receive a 10-year warranty on all inverters up to 20 kW. KOSTAL Solar Electric offers high-quality German-made products – it was recently honoured with the EUPD Award and has been awarded the HTW Berlin SPI seal several times.