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KOSTAL PIKO CI commercial inverters now also compatible with Tigo TS4 optimisers

Higher solar yield and more flexibility for commercial solar systems with the PIKO CI and Tigo

KOSTAL has made it its business to continuously optimise commercial solar systems through its range of services and integrable partner components. This means that renewable PV energy from your own commercial roof is used more efficiently and the added value of your own PV systems is increased. This now also applies in particular to the PIKO CI commercial inverter from KOSTAL, which can now be combined into one system with optimisers from the Tigo TS4 model series.

The small additional devices from Tigo that can be connected between PV modules and the KOSTAL inverter get more out of your own commercial solar system. Tigo's TS4 optimisers come into play when you need more power in difficult light conditions and want to ensure the reliability of the PV system using special safety and control applications.

What do the module optimisers from Tigo do?

The Tigo optimisers can compensate for difficult layouts where customers experience performance losses due to erratic partial shading as well as varied module configuration due to different module types and complex alignment conditions. They also use control functions to improve safety in terms of system malfunctions and maintenance service. The optimisers are suitable as a retrofit solution for existing systems and as original equipment and promise higher solar yields of up to 20 percent.

During operation, the Tigo TS4 series measures the current, voltage and temperature of the relevant solar module. The data is collected on Tigo's Cloud Connect platform. The best operating point calculated here is transferred to the optimiser, which then makes adjustments, optimising the power yield.

As well as providing yield and system flexibility, the Tigo models also ensure automatic and manual emergency shutdown at module level. Tigo uses this 'rapid shutdown' if there is a AC grid failure and displays this on the Tigo app. This enables performance problems to be quickly detected and diagnosed. In addition, warning messages ensure that faults can be rectified at an early stage, which keeps the system up and running for as long as possible. 

KOSTAL PIKO CI with TS4 optimiser

As a commercial inverter, the KOSTAL PIKO CI is the perfect match for optimisers from Tigo. Its wide performance range is enhanced yet further because, in terms of efficiency, the Tigo optimisers effectively add to its outstanding efficiency level of 98 percent, its four MPP trackers and its generous system voltage of 1100 volts.

In addition to the numerous Tigo features, the PIKO CI also comes with the relevant safety features, such as AC/DC overvoltage protection, an IP65 housing and electronic DC disconnection. This protects the closely interlinked system operation, minimises the risk of fire and increases yields thanks to maximum activity levels.

The KOSTAL PIKO CI's existing interfaces and the modularity of the Tigo components offer the best configuration potential for commercial solar systems depending on layout, size and yield. The Tigo optimisers are just as easy to install and set up as the PIKO CI. This means that even large interconnected systems with many additional components can be set up quickly and conveniently and monitored with ease. The monitoring is digital and controlled via a tablet, PC or smartphone.

A country-specific service and support function is available for systems created in this way, as the PIKO CI-Tigo combination is not only supported throughout Germany, but also across Europe and beyond. As a result, the power of the PIKO CI, which is 30, 50 and 60 kW or more depending on the layout, combines with Tigo to form an optimised overall system.

The KOSTAL PIKO CI commercial inverter is now compatible with the module optimisers from Tigo's TS4 series – for more solar yield and greater safety at module level.