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Market launch of ENECTOR: 1000 KOSTAL wallboxes delivered

More than half of KOSTAL ENECTOR wallboxes are linked to a solar application

The ENECTOR wallbox is the wall-mounted charging solution for the home - offering good value for money and flexible additional convenience features. As the last of the first 1000 wallboxes is delivered, Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric, looks back on a special market launch with its many challenges and initial successes.

ENECTOR: the intelligent wallbox from KOSTAL

Despite ongoing component shortages and bottlenecks in the supply chains, KOSTAL Solar Electric has now been able to deliver the first 1000 ENECTOR wallboxes to its customers. "We do everything we can to make full use of our production and to supply our customers as best we can", says Managing Director Frank Henn.

One very noteworthy point is the fact that more than half of KOSTAL wallboxes use the "ENECTOR" activation code. This means that the majority of KOSTAL customers have decided to use self-generated PV electricity from their own solar system for their electric vehicle.

"We are very pleased that right from the start our wallbox is already being integrated into so many solar systems, making driving an electric vehicle particularly green. That was our initial aspiration - right at the start of the development", adds Henn.

After the successful market launch of the ENECTOR wallbox, KOSTAL Solar Electric is focusing on further increasing its production capacities as part of future company developments. "Thanks to our procurement and production management, we have now been able to start delivering the first wallboxes. However, as the supply chain will remain a limiting factor, our production lines are operating below capacity", Henn explains.

The ENECTOR wallbox sees KOSTAL Solar Electric delivering its first charging solution and rounding off its own product portfolio of inverters, energy meters, Solar Portal and Solar App. "So our customers benefit from our perfectly coordinated all-round supply team", Henn continues.

With clear shapes, flexible features and intuitive handling, the KOSTAL wallbox is a real team player in KOSTAL’s complete system. At the same time, the user can control and adapt the ENECTOR with ease – depending on personal needs, energy availability and the electric vehicle. "The ENECTOR grows to meet its requirements," says Henn, "and continues to develop intelligently and flexibly."

Various charging modes support intelligent control and simple customisation: with the "Solar Pure Mode", only self-generated solar power is used. In "Solar Plus Mode", the charging power is instead dynamically adapted to the power availability.

All wallbox performance data is recorded on the KOSTAL Solar Portal and in the KOSTAL Solar App and can be configured as required. "So the wallbox always relates to the PV system - visualised together with data from the inverter", explains Henn to conclude.

About the ENECTOR

Impressively uncomplicated. Flexibly compatible. The ENECTOR provides single-phase charging power of up to 3.7 kilowatts and three-phase charging power of up to 11 kilowatts. A 7.5 metre charging cable with type 2 charging plug is included in the scope of delivery and matched to the charging point in the common mode 3. Thanks to its compact dimensions and protected housing, the KOSTAL wallbox can be installed safely both indoors and outdoors without taking up too much space. By registering for the "KOSTAL Smart Warranty" for free, customers benefit from a warranty period extended to five years, meaning that their wallbox is protected in the long term.