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KOSTAL PIKO MP plus with Combiner Box from BYD

The single-phase PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter is the perfect match for the Combiner Box from BYD and now allows larger battery capacities to be used with a time delay.

KOSTAL PIKO MP plus with Combiner Box from BYD

KOSTAL now has an ideal solution for all single-phase PV systems with a storage connection for large power reserves and high self-consumption levels: by using the Combiner Box from BYD, up to three storage towers and 66 kWh can be connected in parallel with the single-phase PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter.

This set-up allows solar power reserves to be used flexibly over longer periods, the degree of self-sufficiency to be increased and systems to become more useful. With this PV system comprising a powerful inverter in combination with a large battery storage unit, KOSTAL is responding to increasing demand for electricity that customers want to be available at all times.

With the PIKO MP plus, the Combiner Box and a connected BYD storage system, this can now be achieved in just a few simple steps and self-consumption from self-generated solar power can be increased. Thanks to the battery storage, the power can also be used at a late date.

PIKO MP plus: an all-rounder for single-phase usage

High expectations are placed on an efficient inverter if it is to handle conversion, control and storage because other energy sources and consumers can be integrated into the PV system to store energy generated throughout the day in the battery. This energy can then be accessed at night, during power peaks or in transitional periods with little solar irradiation. 

And the more solar power that can flow from the modules into the PV system, the greater the need for intermediate storage of the energy that is not immediately consumed. In a nutshell, this is precisely what the PIKO MP plus single-phase specialist can do. And much more!

Very much in demand: large battery storage

When used in conjunction with the Combiner Box from BYD, the PIKO MP plus inverter now enables a storage capacity of up to 66 kWh. When solar irradiation is high, the PIKO MP plus delivers surplus solar power and supplies up to three BYD storage towers simultaneously via the Combiner Box. With several connected battery storage units per inverter, the power yield of a PV system can be massively increased - for self-consumption later on.

The CBH 40A BYD Combiner Box can be connected in combination with two or three storage towers of the Premium HVS/HVM Battery Box models. This means that battery capacities of 5.1 (1x HVS 5.1) to 66 kWh (3x HVM 22.1) can now be used as the storage medium.

The battery system is configured so that all towers have the same number of modules and the same storage elements interact with each other, ensuring trouble-free and very high-performance operation. The CBH-40-A Combiner Box plays the role of an intermediary between the batteries and KSEM (communication) and between the inverter and batteries (DC power).

Storage with the BYD Combiner Box: this is how it works

The BYD Combiner Box is installed in no time at all as it weighs just 9.7 kg and can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall with the installation kit included in the scope of supply. The design of the connection panel is clear and uncluttered: up to three battery towers are connected on the left-hand side, while on the right-hand side you will find the outgoing connection points that forward the DC current to the inverter.

The compatible 6 to 16 square millimetre DC conductor cross-section ensures great flexibility for DC connections. Conventional PV cables are ideal, saving users the additional cost of expensive special cables or terminals. The compact construction of the Combiner Box allows the complete system consisting of inverter, box and storage system to be set up in a tiny space with all the components in close proximity to one another.

Safety is a top priority for the Combiner Box: the box provides all the necessary connections, connectors and protective measures to connect all the components involved. The robust housing is protected against contact, dust and water jets according to IP55 and the device is maintenance-free so there are no service costs.

PIKO MP plus with KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

The single-phase PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter from KOSTAL is the specialist for small roofs in private or commercial applications. What makes this inverter so special is its extreme versatility and flexibility. As a solar inverter, it ensures maximum energy yields with reliably high efficiency and integrated shadow management, allowing it to fully perform every role in the plant system. With a power level of 1.5 to 5 kW, rising to 6 kW in a device network, and up to two MPP trackers, it masters a huge range of roof configurations with its functions varying between a pure solar inverter, a hybrid inverter with storage connection and a pure battery inverter that only concerns itself with optimising storage.

When used in combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, which is both a meter and energy manager, the PIKO MP plus works at its best and optimum energy management becomes standard – day after day, night after night, year after year. Monitoring of this device is as impressive as it is simple: all yield, consumption and process data can be easily viewed directly on the device display and via the free KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar App online applications using a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This ensures absolute transparency as well as high efficiency and it saves money.

"2-in-1" with PIKO MP plus

No ifs or buts: the PIKO MP plus is a real all-rounder in its dual function as an energy generator with storage. The device is compatible with the BYD HVM/HVS high-voltage storage solution. The HVS and HVM Battery Boxes efficiently store and supply solar power for use later on, enabling lower costs and greater self-consumption. The inverter is capable of receiving power via the AC side (from other generators) or DC side (the directly connected PV modules).

PIKO MP plus: independently inspected and tested

The HTW Berlin storage inspection has proved that, when combined with the BYD HVS 7.7 Battery Box in its DC and AC layouts, the PIKO MP 4.6.2 plus delivers impressive efficiency values. The usable storage capacity is deployed highly efficiently, with efficiency levels of over 95 percent. In addition to the high efficiencies, the fast settling time and minimal control losses are key to the harmonious and cost-effective performance of the overall system.

The PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter is a product "made in Germany" that systematically proves itself as an absolute quality product for high performance, reliability and safety in everyday use thanks to KOSTAL's zero-defect strategy – perfect when combined with high-performance components. For more power and high PV yields.