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The KOSTAL Energy Meter series P and series C

The quick and easy energy meter with basic function is here!

The demand for new solar energy systems is huge, and many existing systems also need to be modernised and expanded – a modern energy meter is therefore indispensable. KOSTAL is responding to the ongoing supply chain difficulties affecting the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter by adding two basic energy meters to its range. This will expand the choice of meters and energy management options available from KOSTAL. 

With immediate effect, the two new Energy Meters of the C and P series are joining our range and thus providing larger capacities. The KOSTAL Energy Meters of the P and C series concentrate on the basic functions needed.

Off to a good start: KOSTAL Energy Meters

KOSTAL Energy Meter series C (top) and series P (bottom)

The mission of the KOSTAL Energy Meter series C and series P is clear. When combined with a PLENTICORE plus inverter, the electricity demand for visualisation purposes can be recorded and the self-consumption rates can be calculated in the portal.

24/7: System operation is monitored and measured around the clock and the recorded data is backed up. Day after day. Year after year.

Also possible: the necessary system limitation (e.g. 70 %) in combination with a KOSTAL inverter.

If the PLENTICORE plus is used as a hybrid inverter with a battery storage unit, the Energy Meters can also be used.

In addition to monitoring the system, the Energy Meters in this combination also record the data for battery control, storage and the consumption of surplus PV power.

As usual, both Energy Meters provide the data securely and reliably via a Modbus RTU interface (RS485).

KOSTAL Energy Meter with a hybrid inverter and a battery

KOSTAL Energy Meters: ready to go!

Rapid, accurate measurement of electric current is essential to optimum storage utilisation. KOSTAL has therefore added two new devices to its range, the P and C series Energy Meters, which provide important basic functions.

Equipped with easy-to-use quick connectors, the Energy Meters save valuable time during installation. Thanks to their compactness they take up minimal space in the control cabinet: with a width of 53 mm and 72 mm respectively and a height of 90 mm, the meters are slim and can be installed quickly. For quick control, all desired information from the grid connection point can be called up directly on the easy-to-read and easy-to-use display.

The first deliveries of the new KOSTAL Energy Meters have already been shipped. In the coming weeks, further deliveries are expected to help ease the difficult supply situation for the Energy Meters.