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KOSTAL Solar Electric at Intersolar 2022: innovative, powerful, efficient

KOSTAL will be showcasing an innovative and revamped product portfolio at stand B3.130 at this year's INTERSOLAR Europe in Munich from 11 to 13 May 2022, offering a wide range of intelligent new products and features for its PV and charging technology solutions that set new standards for the growing demands of the market.

The exhibition highlights at a glance: 

  • The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter can be used alongside two other products and in intelligent multiple-inverter connections for a powerful storage capacity of up to 200 kWh
  • The new "KOSTAL Smart Energy Control" function for advanced energy management and high storage capacities
  • “The original - even better" PLENTICORE plus, now in its second generation (G2), with new features and integrated enlarged communication package
  • The PIKO CI commercial inverter with improved performance and SUNSPEC implementation for simple control options such as generation plants and data logging
  • The KOSTAL Solar App with new PRO mode and new functions for easier initial installation, monitoring and warranty activation
  • Extended warranty promise: free 5+5-year KOSTAL warranty for inverters up to 20 kW with Smart Warranty plus
  • Module shutdown with TIGO: KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ inverters are perfectly compatible with products from TIGO's TS4 series for individual module shutdown in the event of a fault
  • KOSTAL dual power: two or more KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus cleverly combined with a storage system for increased self-use and self-sufficiency
KOSTAL Solar Electric at Intersolar 2022: innovative, powerful, efficient

Innovative, powerful, efficient

True to the motto "An innovative and efficient response to growing demands", KOSTAL Solar Electric has innovatively positioned its entire product portfolio as demands for renewable energy forge ahead.

The aim is to achieve ever greater functionality and flexibility with just a few devices in order to make PV systems more efficient in terms of performance and resource management. For greater yields, more performance and smarter and even easier handling.

PLENTICORE BI battery inverter works alongside two other products

Large storage capacity to cover demand later on

In the future, the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter in combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter energy manager and BYD storage systems can be operated in a network of devices. Three battery inverters then operate up to nine BYD HV batteries in parallel. This creates high solar power reserves of 200 kWh for self-consumption later on. 

The new "KOSTAL Smart Energy Control" function handles intelligent network control of the devices. This supports a very high energy yield and ensures perfect charging and discharging cycles as load profiles and solar yields are predicted, enabling very precise storage processes.

The end result is usage which can be scaled to perfection, gaining up to 6 kWh by anticipating load patterns. The multi-inverter operation system is therefore particularly attractive for businesses and private homes. In this way, self-consumption and the degree of self-sufficiency can be increased and powerful consumers can be reliably supplied.

PLENTICORE plus - the new "G2" generation is coming

Second generation of the KOSTAL hybrid inverter

The all-rounder becomes even more powerful and even better at communication

The new and second PLENTICORE plus "G2" generation remains true to itself. It is still innovative and includes additional features that now offer even greater flexibility with increased performance. With WLAN implemented as standard, communication with the new hybrid generation is even easier. This facilitates data transfer and monitoring and minimises the amount of wiring work involved.

G2 enables a device network to receive optimum support through two LAN interfaces with daisy chain. Four digital switched outputs extend the potential connections available for additional consumers, such as a heat pump.

PIKO CI - the powerful project inverter

KOSTAL PIKO CI commercial inverter

With SUNSPEC for improved control options.

In addition to Modbus communication, KOSTAL has now equipped the PIKO CI commercial inverter with the international SUNSPEC protocol ex works in order to further optimise control functions and worldwide use in interconnected operation. 

In addition to data logging, SUNSPEC also supports communication with generation plants/park controllers. In standalone operation, 30-60 kW are available, and in interconnected operation via daisy chain, the outputs are correspondingly higher.

KOSTAL Solar App with new PRO functions

The KOSTAL Solar App with new PRO function

The PRO version of the KOSTAL Solar App brings additional features to the user’s smartphone or tablet, making installation and commissioning even easier during initial setup and monitoring.

Automatic device recognition via bar code or QR code automatically records and reports the entire system. Preconfigured country-specific settings replace time-consuming complete parameterisation. Direct access to the KOSTAL online shop, the KOSTAL Smart Warranty activation, warranty extensions or the battery activation code now simplify everyday handling.

5+5: KOSTAL extends its warranty promise

KOSTAL is now extending its warranty promise with the 5+5-year warranty for all inverters with an output of up to 20 kW. Activating the complete Smart Warranty plus online (KOSTAL Solar Shop) is incredibly easy. Registering on the KOSTAL Solar Portal adds the free KOSTAL warranty service.

The Smart Warranty covers all inverter components, the full cost of replacement within the first five years and a material warranty (Smart Warranty plus) from the sixth year of operation.

Inverter compatible with TIGO for single module shutdown

With immediate effect, the PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ inverters are compatible with the TIGO TS4 product family. The inverters with further safety functions for the PV system can therefore be integrated at solar module level. This ensures a rapid shutdown of individual solar modules for PV systems in the event of a malfunction, should the fire brigade be deployed and for fire protection.

This means that, KOSTAL is extending the current compatibility of the TIGO TS4 optimisers to the complete TS4 series for monitoring, optimisation and rapid shutdown.

Dual power for PV systems up to 30 kW

KOSTAL has the perfect solution for more powerful PV systems up to 30 kWp: the PLENTICORE plus inverter with storage solutions from renowned manufacturers in a device network.

With one or more hybrid inverters, the entire PV power for surplus charging can be supplied in one connected storage unit. What makes this so special is that the connected storage unit can also be used with a time delay during transitional periods and when there is little solar irradiation.

Visit KOSTAL from 11 to 13 May at Intersolar in Munich. Experience exciting exhibition firsts, real KOSTAL highlights, fascinating live lectures and much more.

About KOSTAL Solar Electric

KOSTAL Solar Electric was founded in 2006 as a separate branch of the KOSTAL Group. KOSTAL Solar Electric is synonymous with intelligent generation and use of renewable energies. Solar, hybrid or battery inverters as well as energy or battery management: KOSTAL has the perfect solution for every application and every system size, in both the private and commercial sector.

KOSTAL inverters enable smart use of solar energy for feed-in, self-consumption, electricity storage, new heat and electric mobility. KOSTAL products are flexible when combined with components from other manufacturers and have won awards for their efficiency time and again.

About Intersolar

The umbrella brand "The smarter E Europe" combines four exhibitions with a focus on renewable and intelligent energy solutions: Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power.

With over 50 000 visitors expected, Intersolar Europe is the world's leading trade exhibition for the solar industry. Under the motto "Connecting Solar Business", the three days of the exhibition are a good opportunity for manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers and project developers to exchange ideas.