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Award-winning: KOSTAL is a Top PV Brand for 2022

The independent Bonn-based research institute EUPD has confirmed that installers throughout Europe are putting their trust in inverter technology from KOSTAL

KOSTAL is one of the most sought-after suppliers of power electronics for photovoltaic systems in Europe. And the company has now been awarded the DACH Top Brand PV award and Top Brand PV EUROPE award by the EUPD market research institute. "We are delighted to receive this award, especially since it is based on a survey of installers – after all, they use our products day in, day out," confirms Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric.

An excellent portfolio

Award-winning: KOSTAL is a Top PV Brand for 2022

The EUPD award reflects KOSTAL Solar Electric's history and range of services. At its core is a lean portfolio of highly flexible devices, notably single-phase and three-phase inverters. 

Depending on requirements, they demonstrate their benefits on a daily basis as solar, battery or hybrid inverters, from the lowest power class for private terraced houses or garage roofs to the largest project and commercial inverters for companies. 

What’s more, KOSTAL inverters have been in use throughout Europe for years – and always adapted to comply with the necessary directives. 

Deployed in conjunction with the inverters, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter guarantees optimum use of solar power. To complement this, KOSTAL has recently added a charging station for electric vehicles to its range in the form of the ENECTOR wallbox, which was developed in-house. KOSTAL also offers its customers important tools for controlling and monitoring PV systems through the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the Solar App.

KOSTAL therefore offers a complete portfolio for the generation, storage and control of solar energy, right through to its use in the field of electromobility.

A partnership award

In its pursuit of quality, KOSTAL is also aware of how important it is to maintain long-standing, trusting and strong partnerships. This is because the wholesale structure ensures optimum supplies to qualified specialist shops and certified KOSTAL installers. At the same time, a lean KOSTAL product portfolio keeps stock levels at dealers and installers low and minimises training costs.

This means that all partners benefit from innovative quality products made in Germany and a fair business model, because thanks to an activation code, the PV user only pays for the features of a KOSTAL product that are actually used during operation. Starting from basic operation, further desired functions can be quickly added at a later date by means of a code, including use of a connected battery storage unit via the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter or the surplus charging of solar energy with the ENECTOR wallbox. 

An excellent pioneering achievement

With its strong spirit of innovation, time and again KOSTAL achieves real milestones in photovoltaic technology. This applies, for example, to the first three-phase inverter, which redefined load distribution. The PLENTICORE plus also set standards as the first hybrid inverter to efficiently generate solar power while simultaneously storing it by means of a battery connection.

In order to meet the growing demand for solar power on the part of manufacturers, KOSTAL is currently commissioning a new state-of-the-art production line. In view of increasingly complex applications on the grid market in the future, KOSTAL is also starting to commission new development and test parks.

The latest device development, KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox, has unlockable convenience features which also demonstrates how a charging solution can be designed to be particularly sustainable. The future two-way functionality of the ENECTOR will add another area of application for electromobility. The two-way transfer then feeds stored power reserves from the vehicle back into the grid.

Award recognises European reach

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the KOSTAL brand and its products throughout Europe is its closely networked national branches, some of which date back several years. KOSTAL offers its customers local services and support in eight European countries, where advice and support in the local language comes as standard. Technical service and support are also a KOSTAL original. In addition, KOSTAL’s trade structure has networks spanning the whole of Europe so that customers are perfectly served via selected wholesalers, competent partner companies and certified KOSTAL installers.

This makes the purchase of a KOSTAL product, including installation and commissioning, a safe and convenient process throughout Europe. When you choose a KOSTAL product, you choose a quality product that has been thoroughly put through its paces. It has been tested many times, certified and checked against standards, for reliable application: throughout Germany, Europe and beyond. KOSTAL adapts the hardware and software of each original product to country-specific operating modalities and local legal regulations depending on the application. Every KOSTAL inverter is ready for use straight away without the need for further readjustments or new parameters having to be set and this is true throughout Europe.

This is how KOSTAL ensures long-term success for itself and its customers throughout Europe, as has now been confirmed by the EUPD award. "The fact that we have won awards in several countries at the same time confirms that we are on the right track," Frank Henn concludes.

About EUPD Research - the independent research institute

Since being founded in 2000, EUPD Research has been developing innovative and holistic solutions to various issues facing companies with a focus on sustainability. Today, the Bonn-based market research company is active in over 70 countries. The data-based research includes the technology sectors of photovoltaics, electricity storage, heat pumps and electromobility. The aim of independent research is to test and support companies in terms of competitiveness.

About the award

EUPD Research has been conducting extensive analyses in the photovoltaic sector every year since 2010. The Bonn-based institute surveys installers in core markets and uses this as a basis for independent assessments of how brands are perceived. The Top Brand PV Award evaluates the image and level of recognition of a brand on the European market. EUPD highlights how successful the nominated company is in its brand management.

The best brands are awarded the Top PV Brand Award.