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Your goods will arrive – even if it is currently taking longer

There is currently strong demand for new photovoltaic systems as well as upgrades to existing systems with components such as inverters, energy meters, storage systems and wallboxes.

And for good reason, because for both domestic and commercial users, the advantages of generating your own solar power are enormous.

By using electricity from your own PV system, you can make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and the climate, be part of the important energy transition, reduce your electricity costs and make yourself sustainably independent of future price rises for grid electricity.

For this reason, and because demand is so great, we are receiving many orders for our products – and more enquiries are coming in every day. However, repeated interruptions to supply chains, the continuing shortage of electronic components, the effects of the pandemic and political unrest have thrown the current supply situation into disarray worldwide.

This has resulted in recurring and ongoing delays to production and delivery processes. At the same time, material and production capacities need to be increased and reconfigured in response to this high demand.

Leaving no stone unturned

So, in these times, we are facing new challenges every day, but of course we still want to meet your expectations. We have therefore expanded our manufacturing chains and are planning further expansion. Components that were difficult to obtain have also been replaced by alternatives across product groups. In addition, we took measures at an early stage to procure components and avoid a production standstill.

Securing material procurement, expanding production capacities and supporting supply chains with our partners wherever possible: these are the most important measures we are taking to overcome the bottleneck successfully together. We also believe that more stability is now entering the material supply chain.

Clarity and transparency

That is why we are doing everything possible to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our entire team is continuously evaluating all procurement, production and distribution opportunities in the trade and market. In doing so, we are working closely with our partners and suppliers.

We believe that openness is the key to mutual success and we always keep our market partners informed of developments.

We ask for your understanding should any changes occur at short notice. Our staff are leaving no stone unturned to get your orders on their way.


Why are there currently long delivery times?

The shortage of semiconductors and microchips is currently the main reason for long delivery times. Production bottlenecks in the supplier industry are also a contributing factor. Other reasons are delays in the supply chains.

Why are semiconductors and microchips in such short supply?

Demand for semiconductors is currently rising faster than manufacturers are creating new capacity. And almost all industries need these special components due to the advance of digitalisation. In addition, the events of the last few months have led to temporary factory closures and production stoppages at chip manufacturers.

What is KOSTAL doing about the delay in delivery?

If individual components are not available due to the lack of semiconductors, they are adapted. This is done, for example, by integrating alternative components that enable faster buildability and shorter delivery times.

Who can give me information about my current order?

The central contact for KOSTAL customers is always your local KOSTAL installer.