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KOSTAL AutoUpdate: simple, safe and convenient

KOSTAL automates inverter updates

Since April 2021, KOSTAL PLENTICORE and PIKO IQ inverters have been delivered with an automatic software update function. Once activated and set up, the inverters install each new software update fully automatically. This means that every function enhancement, error rectification, compatibility and performance optimisation is always up to date.
Inverters are the heart and brain of a photovoltaic system. So that the heart can work efficiently in the long term and the brain can provide the basis for correct decisions over many years and decades, the inverter software must be regularly adapted to new conditions. To make the inverters as convenient and safe as possible for customers to operate and adapt, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH introduced automatic software updates for its PLENTICORE and PIKO IQ inverters in April of this year.

The customer decides whether to have manual or automatic updates

Despite the advantages of automatic software updates, KOSTAL leaves it up to its customers to decide how they want to update their inverter software. All KOSTAL PLENTICORE and PIKO IQ inverters are delivered with software updates set to manual. If you want automatic updates, you must actively select this function on the inverter. Andreas Schmalenberg, who is responsible for product management for photovoltaic inverters and storage systems at KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH, explains: "We want to leave this decision to our customers. The AutoUpdate can also be cancelled at any time. Configuration is quick and clear on the display menu or web menu."

How does AutoUpdate work?

"Currently, we develop about four updates a year. Each PLENTICORE or PIKO IQ update takes 10 to 15 minutes," explains Andreas Schmalenberg. "A manual update takes about the same amount of time, but the customer has to think about it and then spend the time doing it. We therefore recommend activating the automatic update, because then operators can be sure that all of the latest functions are always available for reliable and efficient system operation. Another advantage is ease of servicing. If there is a service case, KOSTAL Support knows immediately which software version the inverter has. This really facilitates communication and analysis."

More power, more functions – completely automatically

Each KOSTAL inverter update optimises a number of working areas. This includes optimising efficiency and the range of functions as well as expanding the list of compatible devices – for example, the power storage unit from the Swedish manufacturer Nilar, which has recently been integrated at KOSTAL, or the BMZ storage unit from Germany.

The latest software UI 01.20, recently checked and tested by HTW Berlin's Electricity Storage Inspection 2021, is also available now to all existing customers and systems as an update. With optimised control speed algorithms, the efficiency of the PLENTICORE plus has been improved by a further 0.8 %, meaning that the PLENTICORE plus achieves the coveted efficiency class A.

Andreas Schmalenberg says: "The automatic update function has been available for KOSTAL PLENTICORE and PIKO IQ inverters since software version UI 01.18. Earlier devices must be set to the latest version so that they can receive automatic updates. Current inverters already have the AutoUpdate function ex works. We inform our customers on the web menu and on the inverter display when a new update is available. If AutoUpdate is switched on and the software is not manually updated after a short time, the update is carried out automatically."

Inverter AutoUpdate at a glance:
  • The automatic update function is available for KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus, PLENTICORE BI and PIKO IQ inverters from software version UI 01.18 – the software version is indicated on the inverter type plate (the current software version is UI 01.20).
  • Devices with older software must be updated manually. After that, the AutoUpdate function can be activated.
  • Operators can choose between manual and automatic updates.
  • The automatic software update rectifies software errors and installs function enhancements, performance increases and compatible devices, such as power storage units.
  • KOSTAL currently carries out about four software updates per year.
  • Operators are informed when an update has been performed automatically.


Activate "automatic updates" now. Ensure that your inverter is always working with the latest software - without your intervention.

Which steps you need to do in detail, you will find in the guide or in the video tutorial. You can download the update here!