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Sunshine made in Germany

The huge commercial success of KOSTAL Solar Electric and PLENTICORE plus is truly impressive. Years ago KOSTAL recognised the signs of the times and launched a high-quality all-round talent in the form of its first hybrid inverter.

Sunshine made in Germany

From the very beginning, the PLENTICORE plus was intended to be more than a simple inverter. The development department at KOSTAL Solar Electric set out to design a powerful, smart and future-oriented multifunctional device.

With the PLENTICORE plus, KOSTAL has deployed a combination of tried and tested technologies, innovation and a smart system and thereby achieved a new level of inverter technology. The PLENTICORE plus is easy to operate, understand and control. The inverter is synonymous with reliability, strength, safety and durability. Since its market launch in 2018, the PLENTICORE plus has become the preferred choice of solar plant owners and has already been installed over 120,000 times. As the heart of the photovoltaic systems, it ensures high energy yields and shrewd consumption of electricity generated from renewable resources. 

Greater energy independence 

In addition to its high efficiency, it is the user-friendly nature of the PLENTICORE plus that makes it so popular. Easy installation and initial commissioning, continuous monitoring, automatically installed updates as well as local support and service are big plus points for both installers and users.

The interior and housing are also impressive: the power of the inverter lies not only in the hardware and software, but also in its permanently smart connection to KOSTAL. Thanks to the integrated auto-update function, the PLENTICORE plus always keeps itself fully up to date and makes further applications possible as its implements new features. 

In addition, the practical and clearly arranged device display provides a convenient and quick overview of the generated power and the current device status. Anyone not wanting to or not having the opportunity to visit the device’s installation location can also digitally view all activities remotely via the free KOSTAL solar portal.

The PLENTICORE plus is also clearly synonymous with flexibility. Its equipment allows various functions to be run via basic operation. More precisely, its functionality can be extended as new energy sources and storage units can be connected with great ease. It also allows components to interact, functions in multiple-inverter operation and guarantees system integration in wide-ranging energy infrastructures. This provides a versatile application result for one hundred percent value for money because customers purchase a PLENTICORE plus on the basis of the guiding principle of you only pay for what you need. This means that the PLENTICORE plus can be operated as an affordable standard and, if new requirements are added, there is no need to invest in expensive retrofits or additional components. This is because with the activation code you only pay for the functions you actually need. 

Flexible and efficient storage with the PLENTICORE plus 

Almost two million solar systems in Germany provide a renewable electricity supply. This is making solar power an environmentally-friendly alternative to nuclear power and fossil fuels and saving almost 30 million tonnes of climate-damaging CO2 every year.* And the number of new installations is growing. KOSTAL excels with its products in the PV systems: a quarter of solar systems feature a KOSTAL product, yet half of all solar systems are suitable for use with a KOSTAL product in combination with a storage unit.

Customers value KOSTAL inverters working in combination with a storage partner; primarily because of their harmonious operation. Perfect coordination, high quality and great efficiency combine to create a durable, smart and reliable system.
This harmony is no coincidence. KOSTAL has generally designed its solar products to be highly compatible with market-leading storage manufacturers. This results in a customer-oriented diversity: 5 to 66 kilowatt hours of capacity combined with a huge choice of storage unit sizes.

A lot of electricity. A little effort.

KOSTAL’s inverters and peripheral devices, such as the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, are also impressive. These set up and connect storage units of the desired size immediately or later in an ideally scalable manner. In this way, a systemic increase in demand can be easily covered without incurring additional costs through retrofitting. This is because KOSTAL inverters, such as the PLENTICORE plus and other models, are prepared ex factory for the use of battery storage units such that either during commissioning or at a later time the operator simply has to activate energy feed-in via the inverter into a storage unit. Installation in the room is very flexible as the two devices can be sited in separate locations, take up little space and are easy to connect.

The excellent partnership between KOSTAL and the global battery manufacturer BYD deserves a special mention. The highly efficient combination of KOSTAL inverters with BYD battery storage units has been developing in a constructive and targeted manner since the end of 2016. At the beginning of the partnership, BYD was particularly interested in creating other distribution structures and adding a genuine home storage product to its portfolio for the first time. There has been great demand for the PLENTICORE plus or PLENTICORE BI in combination with a high-voltage battery to which modules can be added over time. As a result, the combination of inverter and HV energy storage from KOSTAL and BYD has been enjoying great success in terms of energy efficiency since 2017 and is an extremely powerful and economically-viable combination.

Another advantage of the cooperation is that development, distribution / sales and service are carried out hand in hand. Intensive and productive dialogue provides a perfect basis for innovations on a level playing field. This is also demonstrated by the further development of new HVS and HVM storage models started in 2022, which ensure even greater cost optimisation and higher capacities. BYD is the developer and manufacturer of the complete storage system: from the cell foil and electrolytes to the finished product, the battery is a complete BYD product. Beyond the power output, high efficiency, flexible scalability and longevity, the great advantage of the battery systems is their very simple installation: the storage modules are easy to stack, lock and can be integrated into the PV system quickly and easily via the DC power line and communication interfaces.

The extremely successful collaboration with BYD spurred KOSTAL on to far-reaching joint venture activities with BMZ, LG, VARTA and Pylontech, which further round off the range of battery storage systems. 

PLENTICORE plus – The original is now even better!

The success story of the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter continues with every technical breath. And the second generation of the original is even more powerful than the tried-and-tested previous version: in addition to the usual benefits of performance and smart system, the second generation is a true communication genius as two LAN interfaces and one WLAN interface improve communication with connected components. In addition, four digital outputs simplify the job of connecting up further systems, such as a heat pump, air conditioners or a charging station. The focus is on diversity: more self-consumption, more direct and smart control, lower costs.

*Source: BMWi BSW-Solar BDEW Fraunhofer ISE Dated: 2022