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ENECTOR: On the road to success with the new KOSTAL wallbox

Together with the inverters and Smart Energy Meter, the ENECTOR wallbox now closes the gap in the complete KOSTAL system.

Wallbox Enector

With the ENECTOR wallbox, KOSTAL is poised for success and living up to its claim of bringing together renewable energy components in an efficient system.

Together with the smart inverters available from KOSTAL and perfectly complemented by the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the KOSTAL Solar App, the ENECTOR wallbox now closes the gap in the complete KOSTAL system.

"From now on, KOSTAL is offering key power components for solar energy generation. These range from your own photovoltaic system, energy control and monitoring to use in e-mobility – and all from a single source," says Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH. "With the new ENECTOR wallbox from KOSTAL in the overall system, the team is the star."

Wallbox ENECTOR – design and function

Elegant lines meet durable materials – combined in a robust housing that reliably holds its own both indoors and outdoors, even in adverse weather conditions. A clear and straightforward design and easy to operate: the ENECTOR wallbox shows all important status information centrally on the clear LED display.

Whether used with or without your own PV system, the flexible ENECTOR wallbox offers single-phase charging power of up to 3.7 kilowatts and three-phase charging power of up to 11 kilowatts. The KOSTAL wallbox is wired ready for connection and quick to install – simply plug in and charge. No authorisation is required. With mode 3 charging technology, ENECTOR charges the most common electric vehicles – whether fully electric (BEV) or hybrid (PHEV). The 7.5 metre long charging cable with the type 2 charging plug provides sufficient flexibility for your own electric vehicle and is already included in the scope of delivery. The ENECTOR excels, even in standby mode, with a low energy consumption of less than 1 watt.

Convenient and compatible with the ENECTOR wallbox

The new KOSTAL wallbox is perfectly matched to the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter (KSEM). The KSEM handles monitoring of the house connection and protects it from overload so that the charging power of the ENECTOR is reduced if necessary. Likewise, the integrated DC residual current monitoring and temperature monitoring ensure smooth continuous operation.

"The decisive benefits beyond simply charging your own electric vehicle are the smart convenience features that can be added flexibly and – as is customary at KOSTAL – at the customer's request," says Frank Henn.

Because with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and activation code, additional performance and convenience functions can be individually added to the ENECTOR. Once activated, various charging modes are available to the user. The ENECTOR is set and controlled via the KOSTAL Solar App or the Webserver of the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

Charging is simply a matter of adjusting the settings

Powerful and easier than ever before: in Power Mode (simple charging mode), the name says it all. Following the plug-and-charge principle, the wallbox from KOSTAL is ready to go straight away and charges with maximum power. Simply connect and charge – the ENECTOR makes light work of the task.

Solar Plus Mode (combination of line current and solar charging) Solar Pure Mode (solar charging only) are ideally adjusted to the solar energy generation from your own roof in conjunction with the KOSTAL inverters. In this way, the solar power generated by the PV system is seamlessly transferred to the electric vehicle. Either with or without consideration of a connected battery storage system, as the customer prefers. Maximum flexibility for your e-mobility.

Always available at a glance: thanks to the transparent link with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, energy flows can be viewed at any time. This is ideal for analysing and modulating your own PV system, and it's easy and free of charge via the KOSTAL Solar Portal or the KOSTAL Solar App.

Help available for your investment

Grants are available to help with the purchase of a wallbox because using charging electricity from renewable sources helps to protect the environment. Managing Director Frank Henn confirms: "For charging stations such as the ENECTOR with a capacity of up to 11 kilowatts, which source their power from renewable energies, customers can apply for a grant per charging point for the device and the installation and connection costs incurred."

In addition, KOSTAL is extending the warranty period of the ENECTOR wallbox to 5 years when customers register for the free KOSTAL Smart Warranty.

The market launch of the KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR starts from July 2022.

You can find out more about the KOSTAL Wallbox here.