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Freiburg, 07/12/2021

KOSTAL inverters now compatible with BYD Combiner Box: connect up to three storage towers in parallel

Up to three storage towers can be run in parallel using inverters from KOSTAL and the Combiner Box from BYD – for more self-sufficiency and greater benefits.

The requirements for generating and storing solar power are growing. The aim is to be able to generate and use as much renewable electricity as possible: this protects the environment and saves money. And the more self-generated electricity you can consume yourself, the greater your degree of self-sufficiency.

This is precisely why many system operators rely on high-quality solar modules and a highly efficient hybrid or battery inverter with intelligent control functions. The strengths of the hybrid inverter from KOSTAL are obvious: it converts solar energy into usable electricity and stores excess solar power in a battery. In this way, available power reserves can be retrieved even when the sun is not shining or during times of peak power.
For robust energy generation, it is also possible to connect several hybrid inverters from KOSTAL in a device network to maximise power and yield.

In addition to the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter, KOSTAL also offers the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter for connecting a storage system from the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS or HVM model series. The battery inverter from KOSTAL is particularly suitable for a straightforward storage battery retrofit in existing systems.

Presenting the BYD Combiner Box

With the new Battery-Box Premium HV Combiner Box from BYD, two or three battery towers can now be run in parallel with one inverter for greater self-consumption of solar power. The DC connections of the individual storage units are connected in parallel via the Combiner Box and connected to the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter or the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter, which controls the charging cycles in a highly efficient manner.

It is now easy to expand the storage capacity of PV systems that deliver large PV surpluses at particular times of day with high solar irradiation using the Combiner Box and multiple batteries. By running several battery towers in parallel, it is easy to achieve higher self-consumption and better profitability.

The BYD Combiner Box is suitable for connecting in parallel two or three battery systems from the HVS/HVM series. Storage sizes of up to 66.3 kWh (HVM) can therefore be achieved. When designing the entire battery system, the planned configuration must comply with BYD specifications. For example, all battery towers must have the same number of modules to prevent imbalances. In addition, HVS and HVM towers cannot be combined with one another. Only identical storage elements with identical storage models ensure a completely trouble-free and high-performance operation.

Combiner Box CBA-40 A

The CBA-40 A Combiner Box draws a maximum input current of 35 amps and in turn delivers a maximum output current of 40 amps at a maximum output voltage of 1000 V DC. Installation and wall mounting is quick and easy as the box weighs just 9.7 kg and the mounting kit is included in delivery.

The connection panel on the underside of the device is clearly structured and well laid out: on the left are the input terminals for up to three battery towers, on the right the outgoing connections to the inverter. The cross-section for the DC connections can comfortably accommodate the recommended and conventional 6 mm² PV cables. This means that no additional costs are incurred for expensive special cables or terminals.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Combiner Box can be installed in close proximity to the battery towers and inverter. The charging status should be the same for all towers and modules during installation as this is the only way to ensure an even initial charge.

To connect up all components, the Combiner Box contains all necessary connections, connectors and protection to ensure safe operation. The high-quality housing is very robust and protected against contact, dust and water jets in accordance with IP55, which provides the appropriate protection for electrical events and increases the longevity of the box. The device is maintenance-free and only requires an annual visual inspection by qualified personnel.

By using the Combiner Box and interconnecting three battery storage units that can be charged simultaneously, the system achieves very large capacities of storage power for use later on. The Combiner Box is key to laying the foundations for a high level of self-sufficiency using self-produced solar power, making you independent of line current and enabling the use of powerful consumers that can be operated with low-cost electricity.

Hybrid inverters: KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus

Thanks to its versatility, the PLENTICORE plus three-phase hybrid inverter is always the right choice – whether for power generation with up to three MPP trackers or for additional storage of self-generated energy from different sources. This is because not only can solar power be stored by a battery connected via a DC input, but the energy from other AC sources such as additional inverters, combined heat and power units or wind turbines can be also be fed into the storage unit by the PLENTICORE plus. Thanks to its integrated energy management system, the inverter becomes the heart of a PV system and its components, which it cleverly controls, perfectly incorporating home consumption through its interaction with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter as an energy meter and optimally managing the connection to the public grid.

The battery can be connected directly during the new installation of the PV system or simply retrofitted later. Given its multi-functionality coupled with high performance, the device is suitable for home owners and small businesses as it has an output of between 3 and 10 kW depending on the model and delivers robust power with up to 6.5 kW charging and discharging capacity.

For more independence and lower electricity costs, the PLENTICORE plus combined with a BYD Battery Box, for example, is the perfect pairing for efficient storage. The BYD Combiner Box connects three highly efficient storage systems with the PLENTICORE plus inverter. When commissioning, a software update ensures the best functionality and protects against inefficiencies. The system can be easily monitored via the web-based, free online KOSTAL Solar Portal or KOSTAL Solar App applications using a PC or smartphone. The PLENTICORE plus can be set up in just a few steps using the integrated initial commissioning wizard. Fast charging or discharging with large available capacities and low consumption during standby times then become part of the daily routine.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE BI battery inverter

If you are a home owner or a company that already operates a solar system and would now like to increase your self-consumption, you can add the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter and a battery storage unit from BYD to your system. The solar power generated by the PV system is thus temporarily stored in the BYD Battery Box and used for home consumption later on. The symbiosis of up to three BYD batteries provided by the BYD Combiner Box enables the KOSTAL inverter to achieve a capacity of up to 66.3 kW, which makes operation of electric vehicle charging stations, continuous-flow heaters, air conditioning systems and other consumers a particularly flexible option.

This battery inverter is simply added to the existing solar system in combination with the BYD Battery-Box Premium and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. The solar system does not require existing components to be replaced or substituted. Since the PLENTICORE BI can be integrated into all existing PV systems and further accessories are not required, retrofitting saves a lot of money. Even for new, larger PV systems or for special system configurations, the PLENTICORE BI is the simple and optimum solution for connecting a storage system. By integrating battery storage units in sizes from 5.1 to 66 kWh, the PLENTICORE BI provides a broad range of power ratings meaning it can deliver the right storage solution for every system design. A major highlight of the PLENTICORE BI is the high charging and discharging current of up to 26 A, which enables rapid charging and discharging and a fast response to load peaks, thus reducing electricity costs.

Tip: In combination with the BYD Battery Box, time and again the PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI achieve top marks for the system efficiency of PV storage systems in independent tests conducted by HTW Berlin. With the new AutoUpdate function, KOSTAL inverters are always up to date as the device software updates automatically.

PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter and PLENTICORE BI battery inverter with BYD Battery-Box – high-performance components that interact perfectly for more power and high yields.