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KOSTAL Solar Electric at Intersolar 2021

Between 6 and 8 October 2021, visit KOSTAL Solar Electric on our new exhibition booth (Hall B5 Booth 530) at Intersolar in Munich.

What can you expect at the KOSTAL booth?

KOSTAL at Intersolar
  • The world première of KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox
  • The entire KOSTAL product portfolio for maximum 
  • The effective implementa-tion of PV systems in a device network with KOSTAL
  • Maximum safety and perfor-mance with KOSTAL auto-update
  • KOSTAL is already compatible with the new 400W solar 
  • New battery partners in the form of BYD, BMZ and Nilar

World première: KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox

ENECTOR is the first domestic AC wallbox developed in-house by KOSTAL and it will be presented at Intersolar. It works on a simple plug-and-charge principle. The ENECTOR wallbox from KOSTAL is supplied ready for connection and is compatible with a wide range of fully electric vehicles and hybrid models.

The features of the KOSTAL wallbox are impressive: the 7.5 metre long charging cable with type 2 charging plug enables convenient charging. The ENECTOR wallbox delivers single-phase power up to a maximum of 3.7 kW or three-phase power up to 11 kW.

The compact design makes it easier to achieve a space-saving installation. The housing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. An LED display shows all important status messages and indicates the charging mode.

The ENECTOR comes into its own when combined with your own solar system. With the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and appropriate activation code, the ENECTOR becomes a smart wallbox with flexible power and convenience functions – a real world première.

The KOSTAL ENECTOR wallbox can be ordered from December 2021. Delivery will start in the first quarter of 2022.

Lean portfolio – large field of application

With KOSTAL, a wide range of applications are possible with a lean product portfolio. The PLENTICORE plus, PIKO IQ, PIKO 12-20, PIKO MP plus and PIKO CI 30/50/60 inverters permit system configurations from 1.5 to 60 kW.

This makes it just as easy to cover the roof of a garage or terraced house with small solar systems as it is for a detached house. Small commercial systems or ground-mounted installations can also be managed with KOSTAL inverters. In the device network, the AC power can be easily and effectively configured up to several hundred kilowatts for a specific PV system.

Flexible energy generation and storage in a network of devices

With two or more PLENTICORE plus inverters in a device network, systems over 10 kWp can also be implemented with ease. What makes the ENECTOR wallbox so special is that if the storage function for surplus AC energy is activated, an inverter with a connected battery can generate and store all the energy from the device network.

This means that the entire reserve of PV power is available for surplus charging of the storage unit. This is perfect for ensuring the best possible charging of storage units using all installed solar modules, even in transitional periods with little sunlight.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE/PIKO IQ series with auto-update

With the new auto-update function, KOSTAL inverters of the PLENTICORE and PIKO IQ series are updated fully automatically. Once this feature is activated, the inverters install every new software update without you having to do a thing.

With each update, customers get new functional enhancements, safety features and compatibility with additional battery storage systems, as well as the latest software for optimising performance.

KOSTAL inverters excel in the 2021 SPI

Success comes built in: in this year's System Performance Index, KOSTAL's inverters once again prove what they are capable of when combined with BYD battery storage systems.

Thanks to the enhanced software, KOSTAL received, among other things, the outstanding energy class A and the best SPI result among all AC-coupled systems. Even though it was participating in SPI for the first time, KOSTAL's single-phase MP plus inverter was able to hold its own against established market leaders.

In summary, amongst all SPI participants, only KOSTAL offers AC and DC systems as well as 1- and 3-phase devices, making it the only provider with all-round flexible solutions. With the auto-update function, existing customers benefit from the SPI award too.

KOSTAL is already compatible with the new generation of 400W modules

KOSTAL inverters are already compatible with the new generation of 400W solar modules. The PLENTICORE plus, PIKO IQ, PIKO 12-20, PIKO MP plus and PIKO CI are already perfectly equipped to handle the larger module currents of up to 13 amps. 

This means that the entire module power can be used without the inverter having to limit the current flow – and this applies to all KOSTAL series. KOSTAL has the right inverter for every installation featuring solar modules of the new 400W generation of modules, from small rooftop areas to larger ground-mounted systems.

KOSTAL is compatible with more battery partners

KOSTAL is showcasing its flexible interconnected solutions in cooperation with market-leading partners for storage systems, including BYD, BMZ and Nilar. 

In conjunction with the Premium HVS/HVM BYD Battery Box, storage capacities of 5.1 to 66 kWh can be realised with the KOSTAL inverters. With BMZ and the HYPERION battery, KOSTAL has a storage partner from Germany with a capacity of 7.5 to 15 kWh. KOSTAL is also working with the Swedish supplier Nilar, which supplies a nickel-metal hydride-based storage system. The Home Box has storage capacities of 5.7 to 6.5 kWh. All configurations are modular and easy to commission when combined with hybrid and battery inverters from KOSTAL.

We look forward to seeing you at the KOSTAL Solar Electric booth.