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Fully charged for the future with the wallbox from KOSTAL

KOSTAL is expanding its comprehensive product range with an easy-to-use and innovative wall charging station, opening up new prospects for electromobility.[No text in field]


With a universal vision, by introducing an easy-to-use and highly efficient wall charging station, KOSTAL is now adding a seamless link to electromobility. The wallbox for charging your own electric vehicle impresses both as a simple stand-alone AC wallbox offering good value for money and through the addition of flexible convenience features.

Overload protection of the house connection, simple solar charging via a potential-free switching contact through to optimised solar charging including monitoring options can be easily added with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

The recently unveiled wallbox sets a comfortable standard yet is also equipped for the future. Like KOSTAL's inverters, the new wallbox also delivers superlative performance with maximum safety. Likewise, with KOSTAL future performance features in the new product line can be easily and conveniently added at a later date.

Power with vision: innovation smartly packaged up

The KOSTAL wallbox is elegantly designed with clean lines. The robust device housing with compact dimensions contains all the important connections. Thetype 2 plug connector works optimally with the vehicle connection for maximum compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles from European manufacturers. The 7,5 metre charging cable included in the scope of deliveryallows you to recharge within a convenient distance from the wallbox.

The LED display on the front of the housing quickly and clearly informs you of all important status messages and displays the charging mode. All communication interfaces for the electric vehicle are already installed, so fast charging is a breeze. The KOSTAL wallbox offers a powerful single- to three-phase output of between 3.7 kW and 11 kW to suit the house connection and vehicle type. This means that plug-in hybrids can be charged just as efficiently as fully electric vehicles.

The charging station uses mains electricity and/or solar energy from your own PV system. The charging operation can be monitored using the overload protection integrated in the house connection fuse and is therefore safe. This is done in conjunction with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, which customers will also need. The energy meter monitors the maximum permissible current value for the house grid and so avoids potential overloads. In addition, the wallbox has protective devices implemented as standard to guarantee trouble-free continuous operation.

The KOSTAL wallbox is synonymous with high efficiency and new prospects for electromobility. Together with the inverter and Smart Energy Meter from KOSTAL, the electric vehicle is charged reliably and safely. KOSTAL is launching its wallbox marketing activities at the turn of the year.