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The wallbox from KOSTAL: a perfect match!

KOSTAL is adding an innovative team player to its comprehensive product range, enabling the company to close the gap between self-generated PV energy and its use in e-mobility.

KOSTAL wallbox teaser

"A charging station for your own electric vehicle – easy to use and equipped for future-oriented operation. It’s the ideal link in terms of solar energy generation and electromobility," says Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH.

And now the time has come! KOSTAL is releasing the first impressions of a powerful wall-mounted charging station that meets modern customer requirements.

The wallbox equipment is ideally designed for current customer requirements. KOSTAL's charging station is fully equipped with a charging cable and type 2 charging plug, can handle mains and PV power and is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. The KOSTAL wallbox adapts perfectly to the charging process, controls it and provides single- and three-phase power of 3.7 kW to 11 kW. 

The modern housing design is weatherproof and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The KOSTAL wallbox is therefore simple, safe and convenient to use – mount it, connect it up and charge your vehicle!

KOSTAL: interaction with a home advantage

As well as the benefit of having your electric vehicle right outside your own front door and the KOSTAL wallbox on your wall, now really is the time to invest in a photovoltaic system. Off-grid, sustainable, seamless. And unbeatable with the compatible inverter from KOSTAL as the perfect team player. Thanks to communication interfaces and a shared technology connection, it has never been easier to integrate electromobility into your home.

"KOSTAL photovoltaic systems benefit from excellent quality and the high efficiency of our inverter technology. Now customers can get the perfect additional component for electric vehicle charging from the very same brand. When all system components are sourced from one supplier, the interaction between them is particularly simple and safe," says Frank Henn.

The KOSTAL wallbox is ideal for PV system operators who want to charge their own electric vehicle with self-produced energy in a cost-effective and sustainable way. The wallbox works exceptionally well with the KOSTAL inverter thanks to communication interfaces and a technology connection from the same supplier.

"In addition, KOSTAL components can also be found in a large number of electric vehicles, such as the onboard charger, which converts the AC current for charging the vehicle battery into DC current," says Henn. "With the wallbox, KOSTAL is now closing the gap between solar energy generation, charging at home and the use of PV electricity for electric mobility."

Only at KOSTAL: home game with room to manoeuvre

Of course, KOSTAL has applied the usual principle of future-proof use to its wallbox. As customers will know from the existing inverter product range, future performance features can be flexibly added later in addition to the basic function and the same applies to the new wall-mounted charging station. "This means that when they buy and use the KOSTAL wallbox, our customers receive comprehensive support and can be guaranteed products and features for future applications," adds Henn.

The KOSTAL wallbox is synonymous with good efficiency and smart energy management. So you can charge your own electric vehicle with renewable energy at home – and efficiently, safely and sustainably. KOSTAL is launching its wallbox marketing activities at the turn of the year. Orders can be placed from mid-October. Deliveries begin in Q1 2022.