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1000 installations of PIKO MP plus

The single-phase hybrid inverter from KOSTAL has already been successfully installed over 1000 times with the BYD battery.

KOSTAL PIKO MP plus: Germany's little sunshine

By 2030, renewable energy usage is to increase to 65 percent. This is not a pipe dream; in fact the whole of Germany is keen to back the shift to a sustainable and more efficient energy supply. 

The possibilities are many and varied: new installations can turn a profit by cost-effectively covering power demand with increased self-consumption. Old solar systems can achieve more power and be used more efficiently through repowering. In addition, there are state subsidies for constructing new solar systems and retrofitting existing systems.

PIKO MP plus: successfully installed over 1000 times

In both new and old systems, the all-round PIKO MP plus inverter delivers efficiency and sustainability. This is why German PV system operators were so pleased to discover the small powerhouse from KOSTAL. The popular single-phase hybrid inverter from KOSTAL has already been installed over 1000 times in conjunction with a high-voltage storage system from BYD.

PIKO MP plus: the repowering specialist

The PIKO MP plus is very well received, which is hardly surprising because it is an absolute all-rounder for small roofs in private use. What makes this inverter so special is its versatility. As a solar inverter, it ensures maximum energy yields with reliably high efficiency and integrated intelligent shadow management.

Equipped with up to two MPP trackers, it is perfectly suited for various rooftop installations and can be extended to meet demand when operating as a hybrid inverter or as a pure battery inverter. This is achieved in combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the intelligent energy meter that measures energy yield and consumption and controls them perfectly as a compact component. In this way, the PIKO MP plus is able to show off all its skills.

The PIKO MP plus inverter is particularly suitable for repowering small existing systems. Replacing an old device with the small, powerful KOSTAL inverter has many advantages: this device is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to achieve higher efficiency by replacing devices and greater flexibility by using a storage system, and for anyone who is aiming to become more independent by using self-generated energy.

2-in-1: PIKO MP plus as a hybrid and battery inverter

As a hybrid inverter, the PIKO MP plus works perfectly as a generator of energy and a director of storage at the same time. When connected to a high-voltage storage solution, e.g. the customised and highly efficient proven solution from BYD, the small all-rounder can store in a battery for later use any surplus solar power that is not used straight away for home consumption. This cuts costs as there is no need to fall back on expensive line current at times of need and it makes users more independent in covering their power requirements with a higher proportion of self-consumption.

The battery can be connected to the inverter on the AC and DC sides. But the powerful high-performance capabilities of the PIKO MP plus are evident not only in hybrid function. It can also be used as a pure battery inverter. In this case, it is used to direct energy yields perfectly into the storage system. The PIKO MP plus functions perfectly as a hybrid and battery inverter in conjunction with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

PIKO MP plus: outstanding performance

The inverter is available in power classes between 1.5 and 5 kW and can provide up to 6 kW in a network of devices. With the PIKO MP plus, German households benefit from a product made in Germany that proves to be an absolute top product for high performance, reliability and safety in everyday use thanks to KOSTAL's consistent zero-defect strategy.

The device and all yield, consumption and process data can be monitored live on the device display as well as on the free online KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar APP applications via a terminal device. This offers absolute transparency for users and solar installers, is very efficient and cuts costs.

PIKO MP plus: independently tested, proven efficiency

As the perfect component for the PIKO MP plus inverter operating as a hybrid or battery inverter, the BYD Premium HVS and HVM high-voltage storage solution has proven to be particularly effective. In the 2021 storage inspection conducted by HTW Berlin, the PIKO MP plus achieved impressive efficiency values when combined with the BYD Battery Box HVS 7.7 with DC and AC output.

The usable storage capacity of 7.1 kWh is made available in an extremely effective manner thanks to efficiencies of over 95 percent across the system. In addition to the high efficiencies of the inverter and battery, the fast settling time and low standby consumption of the battery are key to the harmonious and cost-effective performance of the overall system.

Would you also like to set up your PV system flexibly, powerfully and with optimised efficiency using the PIKO MP plus? Give us a call or drop us an email. We would be happy to talk to you about system construction with the PIKO MP plus.