PIKO 36 EPC inverter – ideal for your projects

You will see photovoltaic systems on private homes but they are also increasingly being used by companies. Many businesses use large amounts of power and see that there is significant potential for saving money by generating their own energy.

Inverters for this sector need to meet certain requirements. KOSTAL has therefore developed an inverter customised to these specific needs.

The PIKO 36 EPC is setting new standards in photovoltaic projects. With a peak output of 36 kVA at a maximum efficiency of 98.7%, the latest addition to the PIKO family was adapted to the needs of larger systems while retaining the major benefits of flexibility, communication and practicality, and still delivers the PIKO quality our customers have come to expect of our string inverters. This makes the KOSTAL inverter especially well-suited to large-scale projects. You can use our KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Plan configuration software for all planning work with the PIKO 36 EPC.

The single-stage power electronics ensure maximum performance coupled with the high availability customers are used to. The new certified grid and system protection provided by the integrated PIKO EPC Off Switch board means there is no need for expensive circuit breakers.

Easy installation

As you would expect from KOSTAL, the PIKO 36 EPC is quick and easy to install. With a maximum DC voltage of 1100 V, string lengths of up to 25 modules are possible, enabling power losses and costs to be reduced. What's more, the IP 65 type of housing protection facilitates safe operation both indoors and out. Six DC inputs with SUNCLIX connectors allow the modules to be connected easily and without any tools.

Rapid commissioning

The communication board from the current PIKO series is used in the PIKO 36 EPC too. As usual, the inverter features tried-and-tested menu navigation. Two network connections (RJ45) and one RS485 connection are fitted as standard.

Increased safety

To prevent damage caused by reverse currents, the PIKO 36 EPC has a maintenance-free concept for monitoring strings without fuses. The currents of each input are measured and, if necessary, the pair of inputs affected can be shut down via the relays provided, thereby avoiding reverse current. As an option, overvoltage plug-in modules (type 2 conductors) can be installed on both the DC side and the AC side. Of course, the same applies to the RS485 and network (RJ45) communication. All the protective measures stated can be found in the inverter’s housing, so no external devices have to be installed.

Overall, the PIKO 36 EPC is an attractive addition to our range of inverters. We have succeeded in developing a project inverter tailored to the needs of project planners and industrial customers. This inverter also optimises Balance-of-System (BOS) costs.

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  • 08.06.2018

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