PIKO inverters – save money with a smart energy supply!

With its PIKO inverters, KOSTAL has been able to make the corporate philosophy of "Smart connections." visible even at product level. The inverters reflect this philosophy both in terms of look and technology, with the proven KOSTAL concept living on in them too. 

It is the unique benefits offered by the KOSTAL solar inverters that are so impressive: flexibility, communication and practicality. With its versatile equipment options and a wide product range from 3 to 20 kW, the PIKO inverter portfolio has a solution for almost every PV system.
As part of the PIKO Smart optimisation concept, PIKO inverters come with shadow management for maximum yield even from partially shaded PV systems, thus providing greater flexibility in system planning. 

Flexibility can be even more flexible

The new-generation PIKO inverters impress with their flexibility. The proven PIKO technology is now more enhanced and more adaptable. The wide input voltage range and power range of the three-phase inverters enable the PV modules to be connected in a flexible manner. Different string lengths and a variable number of PV modules and module types can be connected.

What's more, individual module alignment is not an issue for these PIKO inverters. Virtually any combination, e.g. on an east/west facing roof, can be exploited to the full using up to three independent MPP trackers.

PIKO inverters use the 3-phase current sensor (PIKO BA Sensor) to fully automatically record the current power requirements of your home in real time. Dynamic active power control takes account of self-consumption and the energy produced can be fed in/used in the best possible way. This makes you more independent and cuts your electricity bills.

You can install the inverter anywhere you want: whether indoors or outdoors, the high housing protection category means PIKO inverters can be used with no further adaptations.

 KOSTAL solar inverters can also be used in many parts of Europe and are now even easier to configure. The inverters are pre-configured for most countries and national grid adjustment takes place automatically following activation of the corresponding country setting or after selection of the applicable standard. This is done simply and directly via the inverter display.

A greater yield through Smart optimisation

Thanks to the solar inverter's Smart optimisation concept, you can obtain the greatest possible yield from your PV system, even if it is partially shaded owing to the different position of the sun in winter, for example. Watch our video to find out how it works. 

Communication just got more communicative

PIKO inverters can be incorporated into intelligent domestic systems easily and with no fuss. They are compatible with the EEBus standard and enable your domestic appliances to utilise solar power automatically. If you want to know more about these possibilities, visit www.eebus.org.

All the interfaces needed for monitoring, integration into the network, connection of external devices and self-consumption optimisation are already built into the PIKO inverters.

The PIKO allows you to connect the following with no need for additional devices:

  • Ripple control receivers, sensors
  • External data loggers, other inverters and the home network
  • Displays, alarm output
  • Self-consumption control of external consumers (e.g. heat pump, infrared heating, air conditioning system)
  • Dynamic active power control (for 3-phase devices only)

The PIKO BA Sensor Interface allows you to record your current home consumption with the PIKO BA Sensor and, if necessary, control the inverter output to meet statutory requirements.

The integrated data logger provides reliable system monitoring at no cost but with maximum benefit. The free KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal e-mails event messages directly to your smartphone, for example. You can access the yield data for your PV system from the portal whenever you want. If required, our Service team can provide quick and useful support by analysing the log data stored in the Portal – without actually coming to your premises.

The inverter display gives you a direct line to the PIKO and you can use it to commission the PIKO inverter quickly and easily, as well as configure it to meet your needs. You can analyse and display current yield data as graphs at the touch of a button.

Practicality just got more practical

PIKO inverters feature recessed grips on the sides, making handling simple and safe, and saving you time and energy during installation. The convenient connection panel ensures that the PIKO inverter is easy to commission, since all relevant connections are clearly arranged and easily accessible.

KOSTAL solar inverters have an electronic DC switch with a longer service life and a better safety record than mechanical DC switches. The robust switch is designed to fit flush with the housing and the switching status can be easily read at a glance.

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