KOSTAL Solar Repower Check

The easy way to repower photovoltaic inverters

New developments in the PV market and service call-outs to old devices are creating interest around the issue of repowering PV inverters, especially given the fact that around 1.4 million solar systems have been built in Germany over the last 10 years.

Our KOSTAL Solar Repower Check makes repowering easy. In the past, many programmes calculated replacement based on the existing solar modules. But that’s all changed now. The tool programmed by pv-sos takes its cue from the inverter being replaced.

The only information that needs to be entered in the KOSTAL
Solar Repower Check is the manufacturer and type of PV inverter being replaced, as well as the quantity and the application in question. 

Our repowering tool then suggests suitable replacement devices from
our PIKO range. If there's no direct replacement inverter available, the programme provides selected alternatives, such as more powerful devices. Values highlighted in colour should then be used to briefly check whether the inverter’s technology is actually configured for your PV system.

For your simple repowering solution (inverter replacement), please visit www.kostal-solar-repower-check.com.

If more information is available about the photovoltaic system or should you want to undertake more detailed planning, you can use the KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Plan layout software.

Why use repowering and the KOSTAL Solar Repower Check?


In the past, replacing a defective inverter often involved a lot of time and effort. The significant decline in the
European solar market has seen numerous manufacturers simply disappear. If you're looking for a repair service or replacement devices, the situation is less than promising. Existing layout programmes do provide solutions, but they tend to be complex to use, requiring you to state a precise module type and the number of PV modules connected in series, for example. 

Added to this is the fact that most documentation for existing systems has disappeared over the years and the systems cannot be understood without great effort if the necessary manufacturer support isn't available. Our KOSTAL Solar Repower Check is therefore hugely beneficial because the inverter details you need to enter are usually much more accessible than the modules on the roof.