KOSTAL Solar App

Monitor your system conveniently and from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet via the KOSTAL Solar App, which is, of course, free of charge. 

No matter whether you're out and about or sitting on your sofa at home, you can use the KOSTAL Solar App to conveniently monitor your solar systems and display relevant system data. You have the opportunity to obtain consumption and production data over different periods such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, as well as access your system's historical data, allowing you to always stay up to date.
The KOSTAL Solar App offers complete PV monitoring, including the amount of energy stored in the battery and the levels of energy currently being consumed from PV and the battery.

Even if you don't have a battery yet, the virtual battery allows you to calculate a customised forecast of your potential self-consumption with a battery: a good basis for a potential battery investment.
What’s more, the app provides you with an overview of how many miles you could drive an electric vehicle or for how long you could shower using a heat pump powered by the energy you have generated.
The free KOSTAL Solar App therefore provides professional monitoring of your photovoltaic system at any time and does so simply and conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. To set up and use the app, you will need access to the KOSTAL Solar Portal and will need to have set up an inverter there. To log in to the app, you will need to use the same access data as for the Solar Portal.

The KOSTAL Solar App is available for the Android and iOS operating systems.



Distinguished with the Red Dot Award: The KOSTAL Solar App

The new KOSTAL Solar App won the Red Dot Award: Awarded Brands &Communication Design 2019. This year, the jury of 24 international experts examined over 8,000 entries. The Solar App impressed with high design quality, creative performance and intuitive handling.

"We're delighted that the KOSTAL Solar App has been awarded the Red Dot Award. We're also happy to celebrate the award with our partners Generationdesign GmbH for the creative development side and Web Wikinger UG for their perfect execution."

Dennis Hollenbeck
Product Manager PV Inverters and Storage Systems, KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH

KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal

The KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal enables you to protect your investment in a PV system against yield failure, e.g. by actively alerting you via e-mail if there's an error.

You can register with the KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal free of charge via the associated KOSTAL Solar Electric web page (www.piko-solar-portal.com).

The KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal can also be used for PV systems with multiple inverters and, thanks to the multilingual menu, it can be used around the world.


    • Global access to the portal via the Internet
    • Graphic display of performance and yield data
    • Visualisation and raising of awareness about self-consumption optimisation
    • Event notification via e-mail


    • Data export
    • Sensor evaluation
    • Display and proof of a potential active power reduction by the grid operator
    • Storage of log data for long-term and reliable monitoring of your PV system