The inverter for efficient and smart photovoltaic systems 

The PLENTICORE plus converts solar energy into electricity, stores it and then efficiently distributes it: it forms the heart of every system. 

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The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter can be used in numerous ways.

PLENTICORE plus - the PV hybrid inverter that always fits the bill

PLENTICORE plus: the name says it all. The inverter’s three PV ports ensure great versatility in terms of potential connections and shadow management. The large number of functions integrated in the PLENTICORE plus ensure that the device becomes the beating heart of every photovoltaic system. In this way, the inverter is prepared for every requirement and every area of application in the home and is the perfect partner for powerful and efficient systems, 
regardless of whether the PLENTICORE plus smartly generates energy, stores the generated electricity for a later point in time or replaces an old device in an existing system.

Product features 

The new standard: The PLENTICORE plus


  • PV hybrid inverter with battery input with optional disconnection*
  • Compatibility with various high-voltage batteries
  • Three MPP trackers suited to the layout of almost all roofs
  • Extended MPP range – perfect for repowering

Smart connected

  • Smart Communication Board: future-proof and new functions can be added via the app
  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, network and control interfaces integrated as standard, WLAN ready via external USB WLAN adapter**
  • Free solar portal for monitoring the PV system
  • EEBus and SunSpec for Smart Home integration
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Versatile and smart!

Smart performance

  • Fast, self-learning shadow management – adapts individually to the installation site
  • Dynamic active power control and 24-hour home-consumption measurement
  • Self-learning generation and consumption forecast: for optimum self-consumption
  • Low conversion losses due to DC coupling and high-voltage battery
  • Prepared for additional battery charge via AC energy sources**

Easy to install 

  • Simple device configuration using commissioning wizard
  • Safe installation due to clearly arranged, separate terminal compartment and protected power electronics
  • Auto update and remote support**
**available at a later date via software update

Best in test for PV storage system efficiency

  • Highest system efficiency with a System Performance Index (SPI) of 91.4 %
  • Electricity cost savings of approx. €1,107 per year as well as optimum system and acquisition costs
  • Yield-increasing features such as self-learning shadow management

Further information can be found here.


Highly productive and versatile!

The name says it all with the PLENTICORE plus. Its numerous functions mean that the hybrid inverter can be used for any application in the home. It can be added to and reliably grows with the PV system and its workloads. Find out for yourself!

  • With up to three PV ports, benefit from optimum yields even in situations with a lot of shade
  • For greater energy independence, use the third PV port to connect a high-voltage battery
  • Use other AC energy sources in addition to the photovoltaic system to charge the battery
  • Thanks to its versatility, the PLENTICORE plus makes the perfect replacement for old devices

PLENTICORE plus: the new standard

It can always provide the right solution for a multitude of potential applications. And all functions and equipment are already integrated in the device, making the PLENTICORE plus incredibly flexible and versatile.

Smart optimisation

With a KOSTAL solar inverter, you can always be sure of high quality and comprehensive equipment. Because, at KOSTAL, we always ensure that the inner values are right and our customer’s needs are met. So the PLENTICORE plus contains everything a modern and growing photovoltaic system needs. The inverter is the beating heart and ensures efficient power generation. 

  • Wide range of voltages and currents for flexible string design
  • Self-learning shadow management
  • User-friendly layout through KOSTAL Solar Plan

Smart design

It’s not just the functions of the PLENTICORE plus which are well thought-out, the design and installation are as well. Easy assembly and the small details make the inverter a smart partner. 

  • Simple handling for rapid installation and uncomplicated AC and DC installation without the need for tools
  • Robust circuit breaker with easy-to-read switching status
  • Easily accessible and well-protected connection area
  • Satisfies the IP 65 protection class and is therefore perfect for outdoor use 

Smart interaction

Thanks to the multitude of options and interfaces, such as EEBus and SunSpec, the PLENTICORE plus offers all possible forms of communication, making it perfectly equipped for integration in a Smart Home. Networking the system with technical devices allows the electricity generated to be used even more efficiently and effectively.  

  • Compatible with Smart Home and EEBus on board
  • Free Solar Portal and Solar App for monitoring the PV system
  • Start up and configure your system and view yield data in graphic form via the integrated display
  • Standard integrated communication package with data logger, system monitoring and Webserver
  • Optional scope for connecting an external energy meter, for 24 h monitoring of home consumption
  • 360° communication: Display, network and control interfaces: Smart Communication Board as a platform for current and future communication standards

PLENTICORE plus downloads

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