The power pack for small roofs: the PIKO MP plus

Small photovoltaic systems deliver a punch with the single-phase inverter, which can be used with just three PV modules or more – flexible, practical and reliable.

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Ideal even for small roofs: the PIKO MP plus.

PIKO MP plus: the flexible 1-phase inverter

Who says small photovoltaic systems aren’t worth the effort? The PIKO MP plus will show them a thing or two. With power ratings of between 1.5 – 4.6 kW, KOSTAL’s PV inverter can be used with just three or more modules and is therefore ideal for small home-based systems. The PIKO MP plus delivers extremely stable yields and its broad input voltage range provides numerous wiring options for the PV modules. 
Thanks to the great equipment provided, it can be connected both as a PV inverter in a new system or simply installed on the AC side* as storage for an existing system. Adding the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter allows the inverter to be used to store energy* without an additional inverter. 

*available at a later date via software update


Product features

Numerous wiring options allow the PIKO MP plus to be used in many different ways in private photovoltaic systems.

PIKO MP plus – the mini inverter is highly impressive

Flexible to use

  • One or two MPP trackers
  • Extended MPP range: perfect for repowering

Smart connected

  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, network and control interfaces integrated as standard
  • Free monitoring of the PV system via the KOSTAL Solar Portal, KOSTAL Solar App and internal Webserver

The emphasis is on efficiency

Smart performance

  • Energy meters can be integrated
  • High efficiency
  • Dynamic active power control and 24 h measurement
  • Zero feed-in possible

Easy to install

  • Single-phase feed-in
  • Convenient to connect without opening the device
  • Integrated DC switch
  • Simple menu-guided operation and installation
  • Optimum protection from dust and water for outdoor use (protection class IP 65)
The PIKO MP plus satisfies the IP 65 protective class and is therefore suitable for use indoors and out.

And the PIKO MP plus can do even more 

The PIKO MP plus can be extended in the future, enabling it to store electricity.

Extend to produce a PV system capable of storing electricity*

  • With the KOSTAL Smart Energy Manager, a battery can be connected to the PIKO MP plus with two MPP trackers
  • If devices have two MPP trackers, one MPP tracker can be used as a two-way input*

Ideal for retrofitting 

  • Even devices with one MPP tracker deliver a battery function as an AC-coupled battery connection

Ideal for new systems

  • Battery function for DC-coupled battery connection available in devices with two MPP trackers*
*available at a later date via software update

PIKO MP plus: it packs a punch

The PIKO MP plus helps even small PV systems gain maximum efficiency. And because the KOSTAL inverters are well-engineered products, all key components for system planning have already been taken into account and provided.  

Smart optimisation

Smaller photovoltaic systems on detached homes benefit in particular from the PIKO MP plus KOSTAL inverter. With just three or more modules, the PIKO MP plus achieves maximum efficiency and supplies the home with power. A battery can even be connected to the small power pack as of the first quarter of 2019. And all other components for the system set-up are already fitted. 

  • Wide range of voltages and currents for flexible string design
  • Self-learning shadow management
  • User-friendly layout through KOSTAL Solar Plan

Smart interaction

In terms of communication, the PIKO MP plus is right up there with its older siblings. The comprehensive package, including data logger, Webserver and solar portal, equips the inverter perfectly as standard and meets all requirements. 

  • Compatible with Smart Home 
  • Free Solar Portal and Solar App for monitoring the PV system
  • Start up and configure your system and view yield data in graphic form via the integrated display
  • Standard integrated communication package with data logger, system monitoring and Webserver
  • Optional scope for connecting an external energy meter, for 24 h monitoring of home consumption
  • 360° communication: display, network and control interfaces

Smart design

Convenient and safe installation were focal points when developing the PIKO MP plus. It’s also easy and safe to operate, just as you would expect from KOSTAL. 

  • Simple handling for rapid installation and uncomplicated AC and DC installation without the need for tools
  • Robust circuit breaker with easy-to-read switching status
  • Satisfies the IP 65 protection class and is therefore perfect for outdoor use 

PIKO MP plus download list

  • 10/08/2018
  • 10/08/2018
  • 10/08/2018

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