"Smart connections" – a painting competition for children


Marvel, paint, win!

  • Get inspiration from our "Smart connections" colouring book
  • Paint a picture of your own connection that you think is smart
  • Send us your best picture
  • and you might win a wonderful prize!!!
  • Closing date for submissions for the 21st round: 30/06/2020

The competition

Dear Children,

We all need people to look up to or values to aspire to, and for many of you your parents are the first role models. But artists, sportsmen and women, and other well-known people too can do this job.

Companies are no different – just like us. We have summarised our guiding philosophy into the motto "Smart connections.". Among other things, it means that we help people network with one another and offer them solutions with our products. This results in partnerships that are good for everyone.

There are many role models in nature for this type of smart partnership. We have compiled a few of them for you in our little colouring book.


But, besides the fun of colouring, we'd also like to gift you some knowledge. We will briefly explain to you why the images selected are "smart connections" and why they perfectly reflect our motto.

But there's more – participate in our painting competition!* Enjoy finding and painting more smart connections, and you might win! The best pictures from each age group will be published along with the first name of the artist, e.g. on our websites www.kostal-industrie-elektrik.com and www.kostal-solar-electric.com.

Please notify us with your submission if you don't agree to your pictures being published. Of course, each winner will also receive a little gift from us. So, grab your pencils and crayons and get colouring!


Send your best pictures to:

KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH
Reference: "Intelligente Verbindungen"
Lange Eck 11
58099 Hagen, Germany


Dear Parents, We're sure that we will receive many wonderful pictures from your children, but unfortunately, we won't be able to choose them all. Therefore, please note the following: Not subject to legal recourse.

The pictures will be awarded prizes in three age categories (up to 5, 6 - 10 years, 11 - 14 years) and will be adjudicated by a team of KOSTAL judges.

All winners will be notified by us in writing.