KOSTAL Pressebereich
Freiburg, 16.04.2019

The new KOSTAL Solar App – even easier, smarter and more comfortable 

The new KOSTAL Solar App is now even easier, smarter and more comfortable. This allows you to conveniently monitor your system functions from anywhere via smartphone or tablet and display relevant system data.

You are able to see the consumption and power generation data for different time periods like day, week, month and year. Moreover, you have access to the historical data of your PV plant. This offers you a perfect view on your investment. 

But that’s not all: with the new KOSTAL Solar App, you will get a 360° view on your PV monitoring. For example, you will also see how much energy is stored in the battery and how the self-consumption of PV and battery is composed.

You do not have a battery yet, but are thinking about retrofitting one? Then use the virtual battery function, in which you can select a desired capacity and calculate an individual forecast.

In addition, the App gives you an overview of how many kilometers you would be able to drive with an electric car or how long you can use your own generated power to take a shower with a heat pump.

All you need is access to the free KOSTAL Solar Portal and have an inverter installed there. And of course the App which is available for Android operating systems and iOS, both of course are free of charge. Download the KOSTAL Solar App and benefit from the new and enhanced range of functions!