KOSTAL Pressebereich
Hagen, 11/16/2018

We're winners of the PV storage system efficiency test

Our PV hybrid inverter PLENTICORE plus 5.5 in combination with the BYD Battery-Box H11.5 offers the best system efficiency. 

  • Highest system efficiency with a System Performance Index (SPI) of 91.4 %
  • Electricity cost savings of approx. €1,107 per year as well as optimal system and acquisition costs
  • Features that increase yield, such as self-learning shadow management

With a System Performance Index (SPI) of 91.4 %, our DC-coupled storage solution is ahead of the competition, 
as scientifically confirmed by the latest "2018 Energy Storage Inspection" study conducted by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW)*.

That's great for us, but what does it mean for you?
With our storage system that consists of the PLENTICORE plus 5.5 and the BYD Battery-Box H11.5, you can make electricity cost savings of approx. €1,107 per year.

But our storage solution delivers yet another financial benefit.
Compared with other systems, which need two inverters, our storage solution requires no additional devices, as the PLENTICORE plus handles energy management for the PV system and battery at the same time. This allows you to save on initial acquisition costs.

You can find out more about the winner of the test in a special print of photovoltaik.


See the results of the study* here

*Detailed information is available at www.stromspeicher-inspektion.de

What is the System Performance Index? 

The study identifies the System Performance Index (SPI for short), which produces an economic value that describes how much could be saved in electricity costs a year when using the PV storage system in question.

The SPI is calculated from the real cost saving over the ideal cost saving. An ideal system with no losses whatsoever would produce an annual saving of €1,211 and would therefore have an SPI of 100 percent. KOSTAL’s highly efficient system is therefore only just over €100 shy of an ideal system under real conditions. A house consuming 5,010 kilowatt hours of power a year and fitted with a five kilowatt solar system provides the reference for the ideal system.

The SPI was conceived to allow the way in which the components (inverters/batteries/PV modules) available on the market interact in an overall system to be compared and therefore to improve transparency for the customer.

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