KOSTAL Pressebereich
Freiburg, 26.04.2018

Simply smart: The new KOSTAL Solar Plan

With the introduction of our new PV hybrid inverter PLENTICORE plus, we have also updated our previous (storage) inverter layout software PIKO Plan.

With the integration of the new product series PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ, we will also change the name from PIKO Plan to KOSTAL Solar Plan. With this new software, we have made significant improvements: Unlike before, the inverter classes can now be selected when starting the tool in order to achieve a more targeted and faster layout. In addition, depending on the previous database selection, the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter can be designed either as a pure PV device (with up to 3 MPP trackers) or as a storage inverter (with up to 2 MPP trackers and DC storage connection).

In this update we have also considered specific customer requirements. For example, there is now the option of exchanging inverters directly in “Inverter rewiring” or adding further inverters at this point.

Here is an overview of the most important updates:

  • Even more choice thanks to the integration of the PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ series, hence renaming into KOSTAL Solar Plan
  • Clearer inverter layout by preselecting the inverter databases
  • Optimized rewiring with the possibility of exchanging inverters and subsequently adding and removing devices
  • Even faster to the layout due to to generally improved performance
  • Immer auf dem neuesten Stand dank der Optimierung des Updateassistenten
  • Helpful tips on the tool with mouse-over function and in the help area
  • PIKO 36 EPC work area: calculations depending on the supply voltage have been added
  • Even more options: Mixed interconnections of project inverters with inverters of the PIKO series > FW 5.00 have been released

Of course the parallel use of PIKO Plan 2.0 and KOSTAL Solar Plan is also possible. Here you can download KOSTAL Solar Plan.