KOSTAL Pressebereich
Freiburg, 14.12.2017

Added value through knowledge

With the KOSTAL video tutorials

Our claim “Smart connections.”“ involves openly and actively interacting with you, our partners and customers: we pass on our latest experiences and developments to you. You're aware of this from our seminars and webinars, for example.
So that you can now get up to speed even faster, easier and more directly, we regularly provide tips and tricks in video tutorials on our website and our YouTube channel. You can access the information here any time day or night.

The first two tutorials are about monitoring photovoltaic systems. The first one is using the KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar App and the second uses the KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal.
In the video for our app, you will learn how to install the application, what features are available and what you need to know. You can find out how to check your yield data here and other information about your photovoltaic system on your smartphone or tablet.
In the corresponding video, you can find out how to set up the KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal so that you can monitor your PV system and your PIKO inverter performance data conveniently, reliably and for free.
We let you know about new videos regularly so that you don't miss any of the tutorials. To make it even easier, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can find suitable information to answer your general questions here. Plus, you can benefit from real expert knowledge that gets straight to the point.