Experience makes us strong:
The KOSTAL family

Success through strong cohesion. Our goal is to work with our customers and partners to continually advance new developments. Working together, we turn visions into tangible results that can hold their own in a competitive industry. That's why we welcome our clients into the KOSTAL family, in which each member can rely on the others.

A company with tradition

The founder of our company was Leopold Kostal, who started making installation products for industrial and private use in Lüdenscheid, Germany, back in 1912. Over the years, both his son Kurt and his grandson Helmut Kostal brought their own entrepreneurial spirit to the family-owned company. Today we can look back on decades of experience that has been passed down through the generations. Since January 2011, the business has been in the hands of the fourth generation under the leadership of Andreas Kostal.

The gradual path to the KOSTAL Group

In 1927, the company ventured into the sector of automotive electrical systems with its very own turn indicator for motor vehicles. A few years later, in 1935, Kurt Kostal became the second generation of the family to join the company. Under the management of these two generations, Leopold Kostal KG began to focus on developing and manufacturing products and services for the automotive industry.

A strong community

In 1995, Helmut Kostal divided the company into four independent business divisions: Automotive Electrical Systems, Industrial Electronics, Connectors and SOMA (Test Technology). The divisions are equipped with their own resources and capital in order to ensure they remain independent from one another. These efforts at diversification are the central component of the KOSTAL long-term strategy.

In 2004, KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik was transformed into an independent private limited company (Industrie Elektrik GmbH), which moved to the Hagen site in 2005.
In order to sell PIKO inverters internationally, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH was founded in December 2006 as a subsidiary of KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH in Freiburg. It has its own branch offices in various countries.

Following a reorganisation in 2008, the KOSTAL Group now consists of the three business divisions of Holding, Automotive Electrical Systems and Industry. The Industry business division encompasses the Industrie Elektrik, Connectors and SOMA (Test Technology) companies.

The family as a connecting element

In our dealings with our internal and external partners, we see ourselves as a KOSTAL family, in which each member can rely on all the others. Close collaboration with our customers that comes from a place of trust is especially important to us. This is why we take our time, work together to find individual solutions and come up with customised technical proposals expertly tailored to requirements. We combine our extensive expertise and technical capabilities with a real focus on the customer, connecting everything together – smartly!