KOSTAL - Sustainable by tradition

KOSTAL Solar Electric – generating and using energy smartly

KOSTAL Solar Electric, founded in 2006, is a leading provider of innovative string inverters and storage systems for private and small commercial photovoltaic systems.

KOSTAL company building with photovoltaics in Hagen, Germany
As a provider of solutions for smart power generation and usage, we work closely with various partners, including those from the Smart Home sector, but also with our customers to enable you to source environmentally friendly, clean energy from your own roof. We develop and produce our innovative solutions for the energy of the future in Germany so we can offer our customers the very highest quality standards. We benefit from the experience the KOSTAL Group has acquired from being a supplier to the automotive trade for more than 100 years.
True to our "Smart connections." brand promise, which is based on a real spirit of partnership, we support you along the way and share information with you extensively; see, for example, our service area FAQs, designed to make our inverters easier to install, operate and use. Free product training sessions at various locations in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, France and Turkey improve your specialist knowledge of how to install and set up our products.

KOSTAL Group – success founded on history and over 100 years of experience

For us, having been a family-owned company for a number of generations means knowing our roots, our capabilities, our desires, our links to each other and what is important to us: our partnership with you.

Having been a family-owned company for more than 100 years is of particular significance to KOSTAL: everything the company and our staff do is based on shared values, a strong connection and loyalty between the company, the Kostal family and the employees, and always with a focus on long-term, sustainable activities.

For the KOSTAL Group, these activities cover the development of high-quality electronic, electromechanical and mechatronic solutions for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. Thanks to these innovative solutions, finely honed expertise in both development and technology and lasting, reliable quality, KOSTAL is a partner you can count on.

The company is split into four business divisions: Automotive Electrical Systems, Industrie Elektrik, Connectors and SOMA Test Technology together achieve a turnover of €2.5 billion. Founded in 1912 by Leopold Kostal in Lüdenscheid, Germany, the Group has grown continuously and today employs around 18 000 members of staff at 46 sites spread across 21 countries on four continents.

Through all its business divisions, KOSTAL works to shape the future right here and now, to be a stable and secure business you can continue to rely on for many years to come.

The KOSTAL Group’s partners include the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and numerous major industrial companies.