Regular changes to legislation concerning the promotion of renewable energies are resulting in continuous reduction to the feed-in tariff. This makes the self-consumption of self-produced solar energy increasingly attractive, as it minimises your own purchase costs. KOSTAL addresses this with its new storage system, the PIKO BA System. This consists of the battery inverter (PIKO BA), the battery (PIKO Battery) and other accessories (PIKO BA Sensor).

Smart, communicative and autonomous

Consume energy at home, store it or feed it into the grid –
the intelligent PIKO BA System from KOSTAL can do all that. To this purpose, like all PIKO inverters from KOSTAL, it is equipped with extensive communication and monitoring possibilities. It is designed for plant system ratings of 4-11 kWp and thus provides you with a great degree of independence from your energy supplier.


  • „By way of the three-phase, phase-compatible grid feed-in of the PIKO BA, the energy is directed to the phase at which it is needed.
  • The PIKO BA System demonstrates an intelligent system structure through the integration of the charge controller and the inverter in one chasing.
  • „„The integrated energy management system regulates, taking economic and technical aspects into account, whether the generated power is used internally, temporarily stored in the battery or fed into the public power grid.
  • „„The PIKO BA System is integrated into the user-friendly PIKO Plan layout software, so that the calculation of the size and the layout of the PV system is possible.
  • The future-oriented PIKO BA can also be used without the storage system; a subsequent retrofit of the storage system is possible.
  • The PIKO BA System fulfils the conditions of the programme Renewable Energies "Storage" by the KfW bank group (German reconstruction loan corporation) in every respect.


  • „The integrated communication and monitoring package of the PIKO BA makes solar energy visible and thus protects you from yield losses.
  • „„The graphic representation of a great deal of data, for example, of self-consumption or plant system performance, can be visualised and saved using the PIKO Solar Portal.
  • Monitoring and calculation of the battery status is easily possible with the integrated battery management system.


  • „The two independent MPP tracker of the PIKO BA System ensure optimal utilisation of the available roof area.
  • „„The modular system structure and the low weight of the PIKO BA offer advantages with regard to handling and installation.
  • „„The power sensor makes dynamic self-consumption control possible and ensures the registration of the building consumption independent of the electricity meter.
  • The future-oriented technologies ensure that the PIKO BA System is prepared for use in the backup mode.
  • In order to guarantee the greatest extent of functionality, the proven lead-gel technology with certified safety concept is used in the PIKO Battery.


PIKO Battery

PIKO BA Sensor

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